Making thin mints at home

After the girl scout cookie season is over and you have a craving for cookies, you can make them at home!

Take an egg yolk and mix it.

Add half a teaspoon of peppermint oil.

And half teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then just whisk it around with a fork so that its combined. Then you're going to set that aside. Then take the food processor,

Add one and three fourths cup of all purpose flour.

One cup of powdered sugar.

Half a cup of Dutch process cocoa powder...

And one fourth of a teaspoon of salt.

Put the lid on and then start pulsing. Now I'm going to grab my chilled butter out of the fridge and then toss it in there.
Add this egg yolk and peppermint-vanilla mixture, right in there and pulse it a few more times until it forms a dough.

Put that in the fridge and let it chill. The dough is ready. Its been in here for about 10 minutes and its ready to be shaped. So we're going to go back and shape it. Then you're going to start rolling. You want them to be about one and a half inch in diameter. Wrap them in plastic and refrigerate. Half and hour before you cook you want to pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

The dough is ready after about 1-2 hours. And its time to slice. You want to do this quickly because the faster you do it the better. Once you've got that you're going to lay them on the sheet pan. You're going to put them in the oven for 9 to 11 minutes. We'll take them out and set them down and let them cool. Now we're going to temper. For more information on how to temper chocolate, you can go to Then we can start dipping. You're just going to cover the cookie, slide this off and lay it down. A perfect thin mint. So they're done, here are your thin mints. Happy spring and enjoy your cookies.

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