Germanfest food and fun

Germanfest in Muenster is right around the corner. Today we are talking about all the plans for this weekend and making a delicious strudel to kick off the event!
APRIL 23-25

Bayers Strudel
Makes 100 Strudel
Bayers Kolonialwaven
824 E. Division Hwy 82
Muenster,Tx (940) 759-2822

3lbs Vegetable Oil
9lbs Butter flavor vegetable oil
2 gallons hot water
4oz Salt
38lbs Flour

3Tbs bread crumbs per strudel
1Tbs sliced almonds per strudel
1lb dessert fruit filling (cherry pie filling, apple, apricot,etc)
.5 lb Danish cream cheese
Foil Wrapper
Powered sugar

1. Combine oil, water, salt and flour in 60 qt mixing bowl.
2. With dough hook mix on low speed for 2 minutes
3. Change to medium speed and mix for 10 to 14 minutes
4. Table dough and cut at 12 oz
5. Slam each dough piece multiple times to remove any air pockets.
6. Cover dough pieces with plastic film and let rest in warm place for 30 minutes to an hour to let the dough relax.
7. Roll dough ball on a very heavy floured work surface till the dough is paper thin.
8. Gently place thin dough on cheese cloth and stretch to desired size.
9. Place a roll of sliced almonds on top of dough and sprinkle bread crumbs over entire surface.
Spread fruit filling and cheese over almonds.
Roll up and place in foil container.
Place strudel on baking sheet where each strudel touches one another.
(10 strudel to full sheet and 5 strudel to a half sheet).
Bake at 400 degrees for 1.5 to 2 hours. Strudel will turn golden brown when ready.
Take out of and let cool then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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