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BURNEYVILLE, Okla. -- It's a task only a few can achieve: maintaining a high GPA in high school while juggling college courses and playing two varsity sports all in the same year, but it's a task Alex McGehee has overcome.

"You just have to keep going, never give up, never stop." Alex says.

The Turner High School senior is a starter for the Falcons varsity basketball and baseball team, but it's not just his athletic ability that stands out.

"Generally, he’s the first player to practice, the last player to leave. He works just as hard, if not harder, than his teammates. I think they look at that, and it makes them better players," Turner High School coach Steve Short says.

Alex is ranked in the first of his class. He's already completed a semester worth of college classes through Murray State and maintains a 4.0 GPA.

And did we mention he's a Daily Ardmoreite Blue Ribbon Scholar? His hard work is contagious.

"When we get on the field, on the court, I just sometimes take control…tell them what to do, become a leader, " Alex says.

"I think their perspective is they would look up to him, copy his lifestyle, how he handles his books and athletics," Coach Short added.

Congratulations to Alex McGehee on being named this week's A+ Athlete.

We'll introduce you to another A+ Athlete every Friday here on First News AM. School officials, coaches, teachers, and counselors are encouraged to send in your nominees.

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