Plano trainer pleads guilty to steroid charges in Sherman

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- A personal trainer who says he has ties to the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons was in federal court in Sherman this morning facing steroid charges. Jacobs agreed to a plea deal after he helped the government break up one of the largest illegal steroid operations in U.S. history.

Some of the people said to be connected with the operation include NFL players on the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons, and Dallas SWAT and police officers.

David Jacobs is said to have plead guilty to charges of manufacturing and distributing 40,000 units of steroids and thousands of units of human growth hormone.

He goes on to say he will tell federal investigators about professional athletes who use steroids but refused to name teams or details.

A spokesperson for the Cowboys claims Jacobs never worked for them and is unaware of the charges he faces.

The Atlanta Falcons claim he didn't work for them either and had never heard of him.

Jacobs is a Plano-based personal trainer where he owned and operated a supplement store.

His sentence will be determined within the next three months

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