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For this week's A+ Athlete, we head over to Antlers, Oklahoma, and meet Leah Spear. In a small school, you have the luxury of playing as many sports as you'd like-- that is if you can make the grade.

Leah Spear not only makes the grade but excels in everything she does.

"Leah excels both academically and on the court, she's one of our leaders, she's a senior, she's participating in basketball for two years-three years, she excels in both areas," Antlers High School coach Terry Thurman says.

The Antlers High School senior is involved with numerous activities, including athletics, student council and girl scouts. It's the ability to serve others and be a valuable part of a team that makes Leah stand out.

The senior class secretary maintains a 3.9 grade point average. In addition to her high school classes, she's also enrolled at Southeastern Oklahoma State University taking computer science.

"I try to set an example so the other girls can look up to me, try not be nervous," Leah says.

Fast pitch softball, slow pitch softball, basketball, and cheerleading are sports that Leah is a part of all year long, but whether it's shooting hoops, slamming a home run, or cheering on the home team, Leah always puts her school work first.

"I think academics come first. With sports today, they are gone all the time so kids that excel are kids than can succeed, the ones that can do both are the ones that stand out," Coach Thurman says.

Leah's work doesn't go unnoticed. Her cooperative spirit and flexible leadership style make her this week’s A+ Athlete. Congratulations to Leah Spear on being named this week’s A+ Athlete.

We'll introduce you to another A+ Athlete every Friday here on First News AM. School officials, coaches, teachers, and counselors are encouraged to send in your nominees.

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