A+Athlete: Kelsey Hermanson

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- To honor this week's A+ Athlete, we head to Texoma Christian School and meet Kelsey Hermanson. Christina Melvin reports.

This week’s A+ Athlete is Kelsey Hermanson from Texoma Christian High School. As the captain of the basketball team, Ashley helped lead her team to a state victory this year in San Antonio. This starting point guard has a scoring average in the double figures.

When she's not on the court, she's in the classroom earning a 3.97 grade point average. It's not always easy managing both, but she finds a way to do it.

No matter how tired Kelsey is, she always does the right thing, and that's why it was so easy for her coach to nominate her.

Her great character reflects in her actions. Kelsey sings on the praise team at the Sherman Bible Church and plays violin for assisted living communities. She also takes time out to serve food at homeless shelters, has gone on mission trips to Mexico, and volunteered at the YMCA preschool. Kelsey says learned the value of giving back from her grandpa.

Kelsey will make her grandpa proud as she graduates and moves on. She has not decided where she wants to go yet, but she would like to study education management or business.

Congratulations to Kelsey on being named this week’s A+ Athlete.

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