Grayson has 3 players drafted

DENISON, TX -- J.D. Alfaro had a stand out year as the Grayson Shortstop.

He won the Most Outstanding Player award at the Junior College World Series last week, and led his team to the JuCo National Title.

Today, all of that hard work paid off as he was drafted on Day 2 of the Major League Baseball Draft. The Kansas City Royals grabbed Alfaro with the 3rd pick in the 9th Round, the 265th overall selection.

Fellow Grayson teammates Brett Breuning and Scott Lawson were also among the MLB chosen ones. Bruening, a freshman pitcher was picked by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 30th Round, 905th overall. And, Lawson, a second baseman, was selected by the Houston Astros in the 40th Round, 1202nd overall.

Unlike the drafts of other pro sports, being selected in the MLB Draft doesn't mean that the player must turn pro. He has the option to do so, or return to school. If he opts for the latter, he is eligible to be drafted again the following year.

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