Trenton approved for football program, athletic facilities

6-24-08 -- After a few years of debating, the Trenton ISD approved a 3.65 million dollar bond last month to revamp their athletic program.

The bond helps to create the first football program at Trenton High School since 1959. They will build a stadium, field house, practice fields and all that a football program entails.

The money will also help to build new tennis courts, baseball and softball fields. They have numerous awards in all sports. Most recently, the baseball team went the furthest they have ever been in the playoffs in school history.

Athletic Director Keith Kirkland named Billy Hughes as the Football Head Coach. Hughes has taught computer applications at Trenton for the last two years. He has 14 years of coaching experience, with a speciality working with startup football programs.

Football training camps will begin this summer in the middle school age division. By 2009, they hope to field their first teams in the 7th and 8th grades. If everything stays on schedule, the Tigers will have their first high school football team in 2010.

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