NCAA Sanctions Former OU Coach

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson is being banned
from calling or visiting athletes he wants to recruit for one year
for breaking NCAA rules while he was coach at Oklahoma. It could now cost him his job at Indiana.

The NCAA rules committee says Sampson "deliberately" broke
NCAA rules regarding phone call restrictions to recruits. The decision prohibits Sampson from making phone calls or off-campus visits to recruits for one year.

Sampson is traveling in Kuwait and is unavailable for comment.

The contract Sampson signed with Indiana on April 20th says the
school "may take further action, up to and including termination"
if the NCAA "imposes more significant penalties or sanctions
than the University of Oklahoma's self-imposed sanctions."

It was not immediately clear if the Hoosiers would fire Sampson.

But the committee largely accepted Oklahoma's self-imposed sanctions.

The Committee on Infractions issued a public reprimand and
censure and extended OU's self-imposed probation by eleven

Otherwise the committee accepted OU's self-imposed sanctions
that include reducing the number of scholarships, recruiting calls
and trips and visits to the school by recruits.

The committee also accepted OU's sanctions regarding the men's
and women's gymnastics teams for failing to track the time
student-athletes were allowed to practice. Those sanctions include
reduced practice time for the teams and reducing the amount of
practice time coaches can spend on individual instruction with