Plainview head football coach among 3 coaches arrested in Madill

(From left) Michael Garrett, Corey Cole, Heath Gilbert
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MADILL, Okla. ―Two Plainview High School football coaches and a Dickson High School baseball coach were arrested Wednesday night, according to authorities. Now Plainview head coach Corey Cole has been charrged with driving under the influence.

Marshall County officials say Madill Police pulled the three men over just after midnight. All three bonded out just before 8 o’clock Thursday morning.

Corey Cole is the Plainview High School head football coach. He was officially charges with driving under the influence Friday.

Michael Garrett is the Plainview High School defensive coordinator. He faces public intoxication charges.

Heath Gilbert is the Dickson High School baseball coach. He also faces public intoxication charges.

According to Plainview officials, Cole was back at work at Plainview High School Thursday morning. They added they knew nothing of any arrest and Plainview superintendent Steve Merlyn released this statement on Thursday:

"At this time, I have no knowledge of any of our teachers or coaches that have been arrested or charged with a crime during the current school year. It is the policy of the Plainview Schools to not discuss any personal issue that has the potential of disciplinary action toward an employee.

“The Plainview Schools seek to recruit and retain employees of the highest caliber and moral statue. Our community holds our teachers and employees to a very high standard and would not look favorably upon any act that would bring embarrassment to our schools. We expect our employees to exhibit professional behavior at all time both while at work and on their own time."

Steve Merlyn
Plainview Schools

We will continue to monitor this developing story.

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