Cowboys kicker proves he's an athlete

Dallas Cowboys rookie kicker David Buehler won from 50 yards out - racing a defensive back, not kicking a field goal.
After practice Tuesday, Buehler outran rookie
defensive back DeAngelo Smith in a 50-yard dash by a step. Smith
says Buehler beat him "fair and square," but that there will be a
Buehler, like Smith a fifth-round pick by the Cowboys in April,
isn't the average kicker. He ran a 40-yard dash in 4.57 seconds at
the NFL combine and had 25 repetitions bench-pressing 225 pounds.
Smith and Buehler have lockers next to each other, and the two
have been sharing verbal jabs throughout camp. Buehler has grown a
mustache that Smith dubbed the "lip-sweater."
Buehler joked afterward that his mustache provided an
aerodynamic advantage.

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