AC student, 61, becomes oldest college football player

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SHERMAN, TX – 61-year-old Tom Thompson of Coppell, TX became the oldest college football player ever on Saturday, after he scored the extra point for Austin College's only touchdown of the game against Trinity University.

At the last game of the season for the Kangaroo's, coaches sent Thompson into the game for the first time. After referees called the extra point kick good, Thompson, his teammates and fans went wild with congratulations and cheers.

Thompson is a full time student at Austin College in Sherman. He was a kicker 40 years ago on his high school team, and says he had to learn how to kick all over again when he joined the Kangaroo's football team last year.

“It's not about me it's about them and this place. Anyway, I'm just glad I made it, Coach Gage said I wouldn't see my next birthday if I didn't, so I think it's good that I did,” said Thompson right after he scored one for the team.

When asked if he was worried about making the kick, Thompson said he felt good when going out onto the field. And his training with the rest of the football team paid off.

"I wasn't nervous I've been with these guys all year, they're like family to me and how do you let your family down,” said Thompson.

Austin College ended up losing to Trinity University 44 to 10, Thompson scored the extra point on the Kangaroo's only touchdown of the game.

But win or lose, Thompson said it’s the bond with his teammates and coaches that makes playing the game worth it.

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