Garrido Setting Record Straight

Augie Garrido

(Omaha, Nebraska-AP) -- Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido today
said he returned to Nebraska to set things right over the College World Series.

Garrido told reporters in Omaha that he meant no disrespect --
in the flap over UT's second place finish to Cal State Fullerton.

UT players and coaches never emerged from the locker room to
accept their runner-up trophy. Garrido later apologized and said an NCAA official had told him that UT's presence was optional.

Garrido today said he wanted to tell the people of Omaha that the events following UT's loss are not reflective of the character of his players or the school in Austin.

Garrido expressed that he and the Longhorns meant no disrespect toward Fullerton, the city of Omaha or the College World Series, an event he says, "changes lives."