Gandy: OSSAA reverses decision on Ringling ineligible player

According to Ringling head coach Tracy Gandy and the school's attorney, the OSSAA has reversed the decision that declared senior Ryan Lester ineligible.

The Blue Devils found themselves surrounded by controversy during the state football playoffs this season. It now appears that the Blue Devils have been cleared of any wrong doing.

Gandy said the OSSAA Board has reversed the decision by the executive director, Ed Sheakley, thus ruling Ringling Senior Ryan Lester eligible. Lester had been ruled ineligible for the last two games of Ringling's season after questions concerning his eligibility arose. The ruling had been made because Lester had repeated the 8th grade.

Ringling ended up losing in the state finals without him. The ruling will likely mean that all of Ringling's wins will stand.

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