Southeastern Men's Hoops Holds Tryout on April 25

Southeastern men's basketball will be holding a tryout for prospective student athletes on April 25 at 3 p.m. in Bloomer Sullivan Arena.

Interested athletes will have to provide the following REQUIRED information and complete the linked forms before being able to participate in the tryout:
Try-Out Form
Sickle Cell Testing

First, a prospect must provide an official or unofficial transcript from their high school if they will be an incoming freshman, or from their junior college if transferring from a two-year institution. The tryout is for high school seniors that are graduating in 2013 and junior college players that have exhausted their two-year college eligibility in the sport

Second, prior to participation in a tryout, a prospective student-athlete is required to undergo a medical examination or evaluation administered or supervised by a physician (e.g., family physician, team physician). The examination or evaluation shall include a sickle cell solubility test (SST), unless documented results of a prior test are provided to the institution or the prospective student-athlete declines the test and signs a written release. The examination or evaluation must be administered within six months prior to participation in the tryout. A medical examination conducted by a physician within six months prior to practice, competition or out-of-season conditioning activities during a prospective student-athlete's senior year in high school that was accepted by the prospective student-athlete's high school for his or her participation in athletics during that senior year may be used to satisfy the requirement. The medical examination or evaluation may be conducted by an institution's regular team physician or other designated physician as a part of the tryout.

Student athletes are allowed one tryout per school according to NCAA rules.

For more information, please contact Chris McGill at 580-745-2644. Prospects are also asked to arrive at 2:15 p.m. in order to have the paperwork completed by the 3 p.m. tryout.

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