Ringling Wraps Up Long Ordeal

It's been a long two months for the Ringling Blue Devils.

It was December 11th when wide receiver and defensive back Ryan Lester was declared ineligible because the OSSAA executive director ruled he had played one year too many.

The OSSAA said because Ryan Lester repeated 8th grade and participated in athletics his second time around, he was not eligible to play at all this year.

However, at the time Lester repeated 8th grade, no such rule was in place. It only mattered that the player playonly 8 semesters starting in 9th grade.

The new rule, most recently upadated said that a player could only play 6 consecutive years from the start of seventh grade. The OSSAA retroactively applied that rule to Lester, a practice which was recently struck down by the Oklahoma supreme court.

It was a bewildering time for the Blue Devils, who weren't aware of any wrong doing until an anonymous letter arrived at the OSSAA revealing the mistake. Gandy believes it was sent by someone within the Ringling community.

Regardless, the Blue Devils are excited to put the incident behind them.

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