'Roos Hopping Their Way Up the Standings

It just took the Austin College 'Roos a few weeks to get into the groove.

"We got off to a lot slower start than any of us wanted, but over the past three weeks, we've picked up three wins," said junior defensive lineman Tre Stewart.

After starting out 1-5, the 'Roos now sit at 4-5, with a chance to get to .500 with a win over Trinity next weekend. The start was tough, but the 'Roos never lost faith.

"They believe it each other, they believe in us," said Austin College head coach Loren Dawson, "We knew that all along, we just knew it would take some time."

The win streak has these guys pumped up, and they can even tell the difference on campus.

"Professors are calling us out saying 'Hey, y'all played a great game on Saturday,'" said junior quarterback Noah Jesko.

The 'Roos haven't beat Trinity since 1993, but the way the'ye playing, nothing's out of the question.

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