SOSU loads bus for nationals

The Southeastern softball team loaded the bus on Tuesday, as the begin the journey to Salem, Virginia, looking for a national championship.

Southeastern will join 7 other teams from around the country to compete in the NCAA Division II National Softball Tournament. This is the first time the team has qualified.

"It just feels great, you know," head coach Ron Faubion said. "The kids are excited, it's a reward for having a great season, and it's a reward for all these teams we've had that didn't get there."

"It feels quite amazing," lef fielder Darrian Williams said. "You know we weren't the only ones who worked for this, we had prior seasons before us and prior players before who worked so hard to get here and get us the recognition we've had."

The Storm will take on Dixie State on Thursday at 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, 6:30 pm local time.