Trenton inching closer to state

TRENTON, TX - The music is blaring and the kids are still out on the diamond and that means the kids in Trenton are still alive and well in the postseason.

"If your still playing right now then your doing something right," said head coach Bret Cranford. "Either lucky, which I'll take as well or your just a finding a way to win and that's what were going to continue to do."

"We've been here before so, I think four or five of us that were here last year that played in that semifinal game," said senior shortstop Billy Pilkinton. "We know what it's like. We got the feeling last year, I think we'll be ready."

Excitement is high as the Tigers inch closer to making back to back appearances at State. The Tigers won the Region Semifinals over Valley Mills in a one-gamer, putting them one win away from returning to Round Rock.

"I don't think anybody gave us much of a chance at the beginning of the year because we lost so many, graduated nine," said Pilkinton, "But we've just surprised people, we've just come out, worked hard since day one."

The Tigers will now have another one-gamer against Dawson in the Region Finals.

"Obviously their a good team, they've made it this far, so we don't need to take them for granted, but we need to show up and play," said senior outfielder Kyle Wylie.

"I mean one game is just going to take us where we want to be quicker, we got out there and do things right execute and do what were suppose to do then we'll move on," said Pilkinton.

The Trenton Tigers will have their one-gamer this Thursday at 7:30 at Chisolm Trail.