Real estate lawsuit sparks controversy in Marshall Co.

By: Teddy Safo Email
By: Teddy Safo Email

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- A lawsuit filed Thursday alleging a former board member of a housing subdivision sold land without the board’s approval has sparked a controversy in Marshall County. The lawsuit also claims the land was transferred to a developer that has been in the news lately. Teddy Safo has the details.

Oakridge Property Owners’ Association claims that Jan Stanley sold several lots without board approval. Stanley is the former president of the Oak Ridge Community Board. The lawsuit further states those properties ended up in the hands of Pointe Vista Developers.

Current director of Oakridge, Boyd Steele, filed the suit in Marshall County on Thursday morning. The lawsuit alleges between that 2004 and 2007 when Jan Stanley was the board president of Oakridge, Stanley had transferred several lots without paying any amount of consideration to the Oakridge board.

The suit also states that between March and June of 2007, Stanley sold some of those lots to Mickle Consulting, who then later transferred the lots to Pointe Vista. Now the Oakridge Property Owners’ Association is suing for damages, and they are also asking the immediate return of the property.

So far, there is no way to tell how or even if this will affect the progress on the Lake Texoma Lodge project. We tried to talk to both sides in this lawsuit. Steele was not available to speak on camera, and Stanley would not comment on camera until she retained an attorney.

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  • by board member Location: ORPOA on Apr 6, 2008 at 10:05 PM
    Yes, we will continue to say the pledge of allegiance. If anyone at the meetings doesnt like it, they have the option of leaving the meeting. Then the rest of us can have the pledge, a prayer if we want it, and can conduct business in an orderly and professional manner.. Nobody ever comes to the meetings anyhow unless there is some kind of STEW going on. Where were all of you,6 months ago when we had 1 or 2 at all of the meetings? When things are all settled down, you will be gone again!!! I personally cant wait.You are right Hugh, its not all of OR that is against the pledge or prayer,probably only the one that complained about it. I know who it is,so like I said, if you dont like the pledge, leave the meeting, and leave my wonderful AMERICA. God bless America, and PRAISE THE LORD!!! board member
  • by Hugh Location: Oak Ridge on Apr 2, 2008 at 11:34 AM
    To Non Resident and All, that have been offended by Oak Ridge, please understand this is just a few, and not all of us. I Pledged my Allegiance to America and the Flag, years ago, and will do so again, With Pride, as will most of the residents of Oak Ridge. The Pledge of Allegiance, unite's, All of America, and when said at the start of a meeting, it is to unite, in the same way. As for Prayer, my Prayers and most of Oak Ridge, will be for, All the Sons & Daughters to come home Safe and without delay. Oak Ridge, must come together, and work for the good of all residents, not just a few. The Board is willing to work out a agreement, but Pointe Vista is not. Pointe Vista, thinks they will win the lawsuit, and will have Total "Control" If this is wrong, then why is it, that they are not willing to meet with the board and work out a Agreement/Contract? Please don't start Griping, just stop and Think. Please go to the Meetings, without Negative Options, but with A Intent to Help.
  • by resident Location: bryan county on Mar 31, 2008 at 12:32 PM
    What entertainment!!! What happened to love thy neighbor. These people are acting like children.. Great PR for Oakridge. This is better than reading the paper. You guys out there had better hire your own police.
  • by Shaman Location: Oklahoma on Mar 27, 2008 at 10:21 PM
    I see I see I think I think!!!! can it be. The one that thinks about pot holes and The one that sued school's Oh Yes they may or may not be in Drag. This Shaman not know
  • by non resident Location: Durant on Mar 21, 2008 at 09:27 PM
    Well, it seems as if someone went too far. Wife of Mr holyer is absolutely right to stand up for her husband. You would too if it were your loved one. Boy, did she tell you. She also said she would be happy to discuss it with you. ANY TAKERS? No, I suspect not. You know better, or should. She would probably claw your eyes out over her husband or children, as would most people. I know I sure would. I am not involved in Oakridge, but the pledge of allegiance and yes, a prayer sounds great to me. What is wrong with it? Sounds as if you all need the prayer, and I sure hope none of you that are griping about the pledge, have a son in Iraq. I do, and am very very offended. If you dont like America, LEAVE IT .
  • by Mucho Interest Location: Everywhere on Mar 21, 2008 at 08:38 AM
    Sparky, for a "member" that does not seem to have much interest and does not attend meetings, you certainly know a lot that goes on at them. Are you listening to the recordings or are you a ghost?
  • by Its Margaret Location: Everywhere on Mar 21, 2008 at 08:27 AM
    Member, you say you don't go to meetings, well, it seems you sure know a lot about what goes on at the meetings. Hummmmmm, sounds like you are more than just like to hide behind all those skirts. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA We KNOW who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • by WIFE OF MR. HOLY er Location: Oakridge on Mar 21, 2008 at 07:59 AM
    Member in are quite the coward, aren't you...throw your daggers and then don't leave your name. HA I know who you are and when you attack my husband, you get the rest of the package...ME! We DO NOT NEED animals like you in our air space. It is evident from your are one UN-INFORMED IGNORAMOUS! You would not recognize a "real" meeting if you conducted it. We need to say a prayer for people like you at the meeting ALONG with the Pledge of Allegience. Maybe that will be on the next agenda...we invite you to attend. HA When you start paying $200 per month, per lot to Pointe Vista to live on your little piece of the pie, you will be the first to squeal..OINK OINK. Meet me face-to-face; I would LOVE to discuss in more detail. SIGNED: Barbara Wigley
  • by non resident Location: Kingston on Mar 19, 2008 at 01:12 AM
    How low will some people go?? Looks as if member of Oak Ridge is attacking one of the new board members because he or she is a christian, now that is sorry. Why don't some of you whiny britches serve on the board, no you would never do that, if you were to do that you would not be able to stand back and snipe. I was always taught that if you are not part of the solution you are a part of the problem. Look out board members, I hear that one of the complainer's out ther has sued just about every school district in Marshall and Johnston county. Could this one be the member who does not attend meeting any more, if so board you are blessed. Good luck board, I hope you not only drive Point Vista out of Oak Ridge, but out of the state.
  • by member Location: oakridge on Mar 18, 2008 at 03:01 PM
    I don't go to meetings here, because I have heard all I want. I do understand that we now have MR.HOLY er than THOU on the board now he is going to straighten us all out. I heard that one meeting the PLEDGE OF ALLEGENCE was done so what now, a prayer for all of them!!! Maybe with Point Vista's help we can have real meetings and then more members will come and get involved. By the way the remarks that have been made about Ms. Stanley by the board are unbelievable. I thought in this country you were innocent until proven guilty. Ms Stanley should sue the whole board. They make the remarks and then don't put them in the minutes. But then again look who is the secretary!! Go in the office here and be treated like an idiot. I thought as a member you should be treated as such. We have had no working gate in over 3 weeks, gravel in the pot holes in the road--real professional guys!!! Lets take care of what we have instead of worrying about Point Vista. What good does it do to attend meetings?
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