Sherman High student arrested for making online death threats

By: Emi FitzGerald Email
By: Emi FitzGerald Email

SHERMAN, Tex. -- A Sherman teenager is in custody Wednesday for making deadly threats. Sherman police say the student made the threats over MySpace.

Sherman ISD administrators say the schools have internet blockers to keep kids off sites like MySpace and Facebook when they are at school, but police say these threats were made on a computer off campus for an act they say the boy planned to carry out at school.

MySpace is a source of entertainment, a place for friends, but it became a place to make threats.

"You don't know why someone is doing it, whether to arouse suspicious or to make a threat," Sherman police Sgt. Bruce Dawsey says.

Police say a 15-year-old Sherman boy posted threats on another girl's MySpace page over Spring Break, saying he had a pistol, was ready for school, and that three people were going to die.

The girl's parents called police, who began their investigation. They searched the boy's home and did not find any weapons.

"Whether this kid posted it and really planned on doing this or not, we still take it serious and that's why we filed the charges we did," Sgt. Dawsey says.

Those filed were felony charges for making a false report or alarm.

"We always encourage students when and if you are on those areas, make sure you use them for positive reasons," Sherman ISD superintendent Dr. Al Hambrick says.

School administrators say they try to teach students how to act properly online whether or not they're using school computers. They say they are seeing more arguments and altercations because what someone posted about someone else on the internet.

"They can say it without having to say it face to face. It's sort of an easy way out so we work hard at working with and helping them understand it's always better to treat people the way you want to be treated," Dr. Hambrick says.

While law enforcement and school officials treat every threat seriously, in this case the girl's parents saw the comments and called police. Police urge other parents to monitor their children's internet use. As for the student, if convicted he could face jail time and fines.

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  • by in the know Location: Sherman on Apr 1, 2008 at 07:44 AM
    Disgusted is also correct. We do have teachers to who care, but their hands are tied by State law, and administration who are "scared to death" to confront parents. I thank God for my good teachers who hold us all accountable by making US responsible for OUR actions. Homeschool? Your kids have no idea what the REAL world is like. Good luck with them when they come running home because mommy isn't protecting them. And yes, teachers do get cussed out, threaten and even assaulted and the parents ALWAYS blame the teacher. It is NEVER their babies fault! Our prisons are full of this type and always will be.
  • by Still Disgusted Location: Denison on Apr 1, 2008 at 06:15 AM
    So anonymous, how do you think the teachers and administrators feel about walking into that school. Parents have succeeded in removing every effective form of discipline from the school system. I've heard parents tell teachers and principles that it was inconvenient for their child to go to detention so he wouldn't be there. What kind of supoport is that. Parents have stopped doing their part in raising their kids and they wonder why they are out of control. For the most part they are a reflection of what they see at home so that should tell you something. You people throw up your hands a say "I give up." Then send your kids to school and expect them to work a miracle in spite of your interference and lack of support. And for those who feel like the school is keeping information or hiding the truth research FERPA. They are bound by law not to divulge information. You people are real quick to blame the school system but the truth is it's what YOU made it! Deal with it!
  • by anonymous Location: sherman on Mar 31, 2008 at 08:18 PM
    to disgusted: The finger pointing goes both ways! maybe the news media should do some investigating about violence in our local schools. On more than one occasion my son has not wanted to walk into the school alone and he either rode with a friend or the friend rode with us.
  • by Disgusted Location: Denison on Mar 31, 2008 at 03:35 PM
    Some of you people make me sick! I get the inside scoop on a lot of this stuff. Several of my family members are in the education business and their biggest problem is the parents! Just like the one who stated their kid had a cell phone even thought it was against policy and stated "he will continue to carry it as well" What kind of message is that when you teach your kids to defy policy? I know teachers and principles who have been cussed out by parents because their "baby" was falsely accused when in reality they were guilty as hell. Parents who berate a teacher because she expects the kids to do their homework in order to get credit for it. Parents who put athletics above education. The sad thing is their only choice is to stand there and take it. I know I've seen it! You people should consider yourselves lucky there are those willing to put up with your brats for 7-8hrs a day 5days a week. Remember for every finger you point at someone else three are pointing back at you!
  • by Anonymous on Mar 31, 2008 at 01:32 PM
    And yet, people tell me I am ruining my kids' lives by homeschooling them, because they are missing out on such wonderful opportunities to "socialize"...
  • by Alumni Location: Sherman on Mar 31, 2008 at 09:26 AM
    Wake up Sherman. There are huge problems at the high school! There were when I went there years ago...I saw girls viciously beat in the restrooms. Not just fighting, savagely beat! You didn't dare say anything to anyone about it either, or you would be next. We just acted like we didn't know who did it. I can only imagine how much worse it's gotten. I pray it improves before my kids go there. Get your heads out of your butts, SISD alumnis. Your alama mater is jacked up! I guess unless your a cheerleader or a star athelete, this violence may not affect you. But , to other students it's a daily threat. Get in there and make our kids safe. Do something!
  • by fellow student on Mar 30, 2008 at 06:41 PM
    i go to SHS also and know exactly what "in the know" is talking is really sad and whats worse is there is only a handful of teachers that really care. I wonder how long it will be before the gangs run the school!!!! Believe me there are black, hispanic and white gangs there. i have voiced the same thing to get kids to leave me alone-i guess i'm fortunate i never had it in writing. i feel for this boy that he has to take the fall for all of us because it is sad when you are afraid to go to school.Also sad when girls encourage this as a form of revenge. i have 3 more years left and i also pray i make it without getting the $$$$ beat out of me or threatned with a knife at school or worse, catch me outside of school. i've seen it happen just a block or two away from campus after school and even in the bus lanes which are not monitered by teachers. WAKE UP SHERMAN!!!!!!!!!
  • by In the know Location: Shertown on Mar 29, 2008 at 04:46 PM
    People in Sherman need to wake up. There ARE several gangs at SHS. Just as the kids. I go there, and I can name at least six, but, they know that nothing ever happens to anyone so, why be afraid. We have two or three cops at the school all of the time. They do nothing but walk around together and try talking to every sec. available. Do you think these kids are afraid of them. Heck no! What amazes me is the "alumni" who have their heads stuck in the ground. They are more concerned with making a big deal about the band and cheerleaders wearing black (cause it is one of Denison's stupid)than they are about making the school a safe place. We have such huge issues at the high school, but involve safety and good teachers, and all they want to do is B.... about black. I pray I graduate without getting the crap beat out of me in the restrooms or in the halls. Wake up Sherman!
  • by Butch "Dubya" Hickson Location: The Stix on Mar 29, 2008 at 07:40 AM
    Just like the situation with guns: Guns are not the problem, its the people who use guns incorrectly. Myspace is not the problem, its the people who use Myspace incorrectly. Like guns, Myspace is not the problem, its the few idiots who use Myspace in a negative way. Quit blaming Myspace and Guns; and start blaming the few fools who cause all the trouble.
  • by anonymous on Mar 28, 2008 at 01:45 PM
    yes,this boy made a huge mistake and is being punished for it, trying to get in someone's head so they would leave him alone. Do you know how many gangs are at Sherman high? Believe me there are quite a few. Kids get punched in the restrooms and even in the cafeteria without anything being done ,and even pull knives on kids at school!!! are actions, not just an empty threat that someone made to get someone to leave him alone.Of course it was ,and should have been, investigated and the outcome was that there was no weapon. There also was NO list made or stated in his email. Obviously there was NO thought put into this or he wouldn't have done it. A bad decision made with no real intention of harming anyone, and you're ready to throw this boys whole life away. what if this was your kid who made the dumb mistake.Think it would never happen---never say never.
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