Church daycare probe continues in Ardmore

By: Robin Beal Email
By: Robin Beal Email

ARDMORE, Okla. -- When you drop your kids off at daycare in the morning, probably the last thing on your mind is what kind of e-mail may be headed your way. But for some parents in Ardmore, a MySpace bulletin has been making the rounds, and as Robin Beal reports, it's making them think twice about who is taking care of their kids.

Serious allegations of abuse: A two year old, grabbed and shaken, he head bounced off the wall. That's just a sample of what is alleged in this e-mail circulating around Ardmore.

"We are conducting an investigation into the possible physical abuse of some children," said Capt. Eric Hamblin with the Ardmore Police Department.

At the heart of the investigation--a video clip, recorded by an employee of the daycare on her cell phone, which allegedly shows another employee mistreating children.

A church spokesman sat down with us in the pastor's office.

"I have looked a video that purportedly was taken on a cell phone recorder, and the video doesn't match up with what has been reported in this memo or this e-mail that you are referring to," said Dustin P. Rowe, the church's attorney.

The Kiddie Kollege has been in business for more than two decades, according to church officials. Neighbors we spoke with were shocked by these allegations.

"Well, in a church, ya know? It's hard to believe. You'd think the kids would be safe there," said neighbor Charles Cody.

So what about the video? We asked the church to show us their copy...

"That video would be the subject of something you'd have to get from the police department who is handling the investigation," Rowe said.

So, we asked the police.

"Any chance of us getting to see the video?" (Robin Beal, KXII)
" Nope." (Capt. Eric Hamblin)

As far as the employee in question, she has already resigned. Church officials would not reveal her identity.

"That employee is no longer here. There have been no other allegations against any of our other employees, but I just want to reiterate that what we're doing here is working to help with the investigation and working to make sure all the facts come forward," said Rowe.

The Kiddie Kollege sent out a memo to parents Monday informing them of the investigation. WE did try to contact the mother identified in the e-mail, but were unsuccessful.

The following is a copy of the message that's circulated networking sites like

"Ardmore Daycare Worker Abused Baby Allison (2 Year Old)

Body: Hey---This is a True Bulletin that happened on Thursday April 10, 2008 to MY daughter Allison Ingle....For those of you that don't know me--My name is Shonda Inlge...I live in Ardmore Oklahoma....

I am writting this bulletin to let all of you know what is been going on....and what my moods mean....this will affect those of you here in Ardmore, Oklahoma...and to my friends other places--please read this and open your eyes so that you can beware of WHAT ACTUALLY DOES go on in daycare....

As most of you 2 yr old daughter (Allison) attended Kiddie Kollege daycare at Crystal Rock Cathedral CHURCH......Well---she has been going there since August....Well since about February I have had this gutt feeling that something wasnt right...Allison has become very klingy, very sad and reserved when I drop off in the morning...when we would pull up she would insist that I take in her "LOVEY" (her blanket), she would even cry at times........I had been calling 2-3 xs a day...I had been popping in at different times...I had been having daddy drop off at different times...pick up at different times...Well, I never witnessed anything--so I had to go off what other people were telling me --like--she is fine, your too over protective, you have to trust, etc.....WRONG!!!!!!! as a mother--if you have a feeling GO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Thursday--a teacher of the 4 yr olds at that daycare (who I didnt know well at all, she had only worked at that daycare for about 4 weeks) came into my work and asked if she could speak to me privately......we walked outside and she proceeded to show me a video (that she had taken on her cell phone) of my daughter (2yrs old) being physically and verbally abused......this woman that was abusing my daughter not only grabbed her, shooker her, bounced her head off of the wall...but I am also being told that she held my daughter down on the floor while she was crying uncontrollably....

and that this was NOT the only attack that had happened on a child that morning...that is what made this girl start videoing (sp?)...she watched her attack another child and was like "Oh my GOD!" and then she saw the way the lady was approaching Allison and she knew she had to get it on video...

Good thing she did because I will tell you.......if she did not have that video...NO ONE would believe us....this is a church and they had ALOT ALOT ALOT of people fooled,,,,and still do---they were telling parents all sorts of lies on I have decided that I am going to tell it all however I have to....

to answer yalls questions....YES--I have contacted Child welfare, YES--DHS is involved....YES---I filed a police report and all those people have the video.....AND YES I have contacted the media but no response yet...DHS and Child welfare went out to the daycare Friday and talked with children (thats how parents found out--but when parents questoned it the daycare brushed it under the rug and made light of it) then DHS and Child Welfare came to my house to interview Allison and watch her play...because the daycare told them that Allison was a behavior problem and that was all they could do with her (at 2) and that they had told me that allison needed to go to another daycare and I wouldnt move her and they were keeping her as a ministry to ME.....BULL CRAP!!!! they never once told me my daughter wasnt happy, or she would have been moved in a heart beat......anyway---PLEASE re-post this and get the word out to EVERYONE Possible......if you have any questions PLEASE feel free to ask em.....

The next 2 weeks are going to be rough...please remember me and my family while we are going through this time...and please be a voice for all the children out their that cant use there words!!!!

PS...sorry for all the mispelled words and typos...I am trying to get it all out fast---I have left alot out but this is the gist of it........

As you can see, this is very sad and it needs to be looked into and so far no one is doing anything to help, probably because this is a church that is being looked down on and that shouldn't make a difference. Parents need to be alerted of the wrong doing that is going on at this establishment. How would you feel if this happened to your small child? The care takers at Crystal Rock Cathedral Kiddie Kollege could have severly hurt one of these children or caused some brain damage in one of these children.

thank you for your time."

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  • by mother of four Location: madill on Apr 23, 2008 at 06:17 PM
    Other workers did know it happened and did nothing!!! More then one worker has been fired. Who know's how long this has been going on and probably to more then just one child.
  • by D Location: Ardmore on Apr 22, 2008 at 02:58 PM
    My daughter went to Kiddie Kollege for 4 years and loved it. They are wonderful people and I believe that this was a horrible and isolated incident involving one employee and not the whole facility. I truly believe that Kiddie Kollege would have fired her on the spot and helpled the parents press charges had they known. Also, to the other worker that "recorded" the incident. You should be charged with injury to a child along with the worker that hurt that little girl. Shame on you for not stopping it and notifing the director of the facility, the police as well as the Mother!
  • by Concerned Location: Ardmore on Apr 21, 2008 at 08:44 PM
    My child went to this daycare about 5 years ago. I have heard the teacher who abused the child had been there for a long time. Is this correct? Does anyone know her name? Surely someone does. I had no complaints when my child went there, but thing can change. I still know workers there, and I hope and pray they were not aware of this until now. Unfortunatley you can't always know everything about your workers. When it comes to people watching our children I would like to think they would be safe no matter what, but I guess Satan can work his way in. If the workers who run the daycare truely were not aware of this until now, then they need to speak up for themselves. They need to show the public that they are going to try to fix this and make it right. I know since it is a business they are worried about a law suit, but can't they turn this around by pressing charges against the worker? Could the worker be related to any of the directors of the daycare?
  • by Lilly Location: Ardmore on Apr 21, 2008 at 07:58 PM
    How are we blasting the innocent? the mother is the one posting this. She doesn't want to be protected. She is trying to educate other people.
  • by curious Location: ardmore on Apr 21, 2008 at 06:31 PM
    Did the mom take the child to the ER for an eval??
  • by Debra Location: Durant on Apr 21, 2008 at 11:54 AM
    How could parents leave their children in this daycare? Not only is the worker in the video guilty so are the other teachers and faculty who did nothing to stop this. Why do you people continue to leave your children with this facility. They are all guilty. Any person who can sit by and ignore a child being abused is not a suitable person to keep any child. If it were my child being abused, I would cause the biggest uproar that the city of Ardmore has ever seen. I would make sure that something was done.
  • by mom of four Location: madill on Apr 21, 2008 at 09:23 AM
    I would like to know why the "alleged" abuser has not been arrested. If a childcare worker had seen a bruise on a child and reported it, then the parent would have been picked up immediately and would have been guilty until proven innocent and the child would be put in protective custody but, it can happen right in a child care facility and nothing is being done. Sounds like money talks!!!!! Apparently children don't have rights when abuse happens in a child care facility!!!!
  • by mamma Location: fannin on Apr 20, 2008 at 07:12 PM
    They need to close this daycare and put that women in jail its that simple video tells it all
  • by want answers Location: ardmore on Apr 19, 2008 at 08:28 PM
    Why is it that the victims names have been posted and stated..but WHY hasn't the daycare workers names been posted? Why are we protecting the guilty and blasting the innocent? Obviously DHS has enough to go on..If any of you have had dealings with them you know that if they didn't have something to go on they would have moved on by now..and why has the teacher and the church both hired attorneys if they are so innocent? Does the mother have an attorney? The mother is doing what the LAW says she has to do...As far as protecting her child--lets point the finger in the direction it needs to go...Ardmore needs to pray...Remember its the children that we are to an adult we can handle ourselves, it takes a real coward to attack a child!! and I KNOW THE CHILD--she is NOT a behavior problem NOR does she has seperation anxiouty as the daycare is trying to state...why havent they done any studies to PROVE there statements? The mother has PROOF of her statements....
  • by Republican in Ardmore Location: Ardmore on Apr 19, 2008 at 03:47 PM
    Why hasn't this child abuser been arrested yet. She must have some pull downtown to keep herself out of jail or knows someone at the police station to stall the case.
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