Politics on the menu at Marshall Co. breakfast

By: Robin Beal Email
By: Robin Beal Email

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- Politics may not be what is on everyone's minds first thing in the morning, but at the Baptist Village in Marshall County on Friday, a warm breakfast and some heated commentary was the way to start the day.

"If you love the law and you love sausage, don't watch either one of them get made because that best describes what's been going on in this session. It is an extraordinarily difficult session to get anything done."

Those were the candid words of Oklahoma State Senator Jay Paul Gumm at Friday’s breakfast in Marshall County.

That is due, in no small part, to an evenly divided senate- 24 democrats, 24 republicans. Jay Paul Gumm is the state senator from Oklahoma’s District 6. He and Representative Terry Hyman spoke briefly about issues they have been pushing this session.

And then came the topic which took center stage for the rest of the morning-- the Pointe Vista land deal.

"They have bungled, mismanaged, and goofed this thing up. I have been misled time and again when they've been in my office talking to me. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing with the CLO," Gumm said.

The CLO, also known as the "School Land Trust," is the state agency charged with selling public land to private investors.

"They've done a lousy job," Gumm added.

It is more sharp criticism for an agency which has been under fire since shutting down Lake Texoma Lodge and nearby cabins and campgrounds.

"They see themselves as above and apart the rest of us in state government. They have frankly given tourism the shortest end of the short stick that you can imagine," Gumm said.

Representative Hyman agreed, but held up the Lake Murray Lodge deal as an example of lessons learned.

"It's gone a whole lot smoother that transition has been like night and day. If that project had been like this project and both of them be in my House district I probably wouldn't even have any hair left."

Other topics on the politician's plates Friday morning were biofuels, water rights, the state grocery tax, as well as insurance companies and autism. It was a lively breakfast to say the least, and with the legislative session still going strong, there will be a lot more politics to talk about in the coming weeks.

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  • by MAD Location: KINGSTON on May 21, 2008 at 10:03 PM
    Yes Catfish Bay Marina has 28 days to sell the way Pointe Vista is willing to pay or the Lease will be Revoked. Barney you are right what happens to all the boaters. Yoall have set on your back sides, saying let the others take care of Pointe Vista. Looks like its past that now, this is Pointe Vista County now. So put your boat on dry land and drive 10 or more miles to put it on the lake
  • by Barney Location: Oklahoma City on May 13, 2008 at 09:08 PM
    Catfish Bay has now sold out. What happens to all the boaters if you guys are posting things about people being run out of their homes?
  • by MAD Location: Kingston on May 1, 2008 at 10:16 PM
    Senator Gumm, Senator Gumm, Hay!! some "HELP" in Marshall County. This is your ball game. You started this, make it right. I'M just like Insider, I don't want to learn to deal with it. Most of us Can't jump ship. (thanks for the words, Insider)
  • by board member Location: oakridge on Apr 30, 2008 at 07:20 AM
    Its pretty clear what PV is doing, and its coming soon. Then you will be doing nothing but bitching and blaming the board still. Get ready folks, its coming...... Are you really ready? I think not.
  • by Voter Location: Kingston on Apr 28, 2008 at 08:24 PM
    Bill, with P.V. in control, they are not going to ask, if we want on the new water and sewer system, they will just vote it in. At Rolling Hills, they have set, the voting rights at one lot one vote; however P.V. retains voting rights of three votes for each lot they own. At this time P.V. has a Lawsuit, with Oak Ridge, trying to get controling votes, because of a change in By-Laws, in Feb. 2007. At that time, P.V. DID NOT own "one" lot in O.R. P.V. has a contract with the State, to build 75 homes of 2,000 sq ft on the Land they just, got from the State, but some way, they worked it in, to be able to put said homes in R.H. or O.R. in doing so they can do as they wish with the Land next to the Lake. P.V. came to O.R. tell us what they planed to do.(O.R. had not ask for, any of this)P.V. was willing to do this for 43 Lots, the way it plays out now they are asking for assets of approx. $3,400,000.00 P.V. is only willing to, have negotaiations, with individuals of its choosing. "NOT GOOD"
  • by resident Location: Marshall County on Apr 22, 2008 at 10:10 PM
    To Bill in Tish, do you not know that when a corp. like Pointe Vista gets a tif that it leaves no additional tax revenue for cities like Kingston and the county to provide extra fire and police protection not to mention road maintenance, so property taxes must necessarily increase, so tifs do cause other people in the affected county to pay. Also schools must increase taxes to provide for the increase in schools kids if the projects bring in more jobs. So Bill move on over to Marshall county and help us pay the bills for Pointe Vista since they are a multi-billion dollar company and cannot afford to pay their own way
  • by Bill Location: Tish on Apr 21, 2008 at 09:23 PM
    How will Pointe Vista make your property taxes go up? How will having more jobs (not all with Pointe Vista) be bad? Tifs do not cause other people to pay. The money comes from the resort that generates it, not from you. What jobs were at the old lodge? Serving and cleaning in a run down dump? If the water and sewer plants are owned by Pointe Vista, the only way you pay is if you hook into them. There will be good jobs with a good resort. More shopping, more restaurants and more customers for the businesses already there and more opportunity for new businesses by locals. Living in an underdeveloped area isn't the good life. Sounds like you are just against change, but change isn't always bad.
  • by ONE WHO KNOWS Location: OAK RIDGE on Apr 21, 2008 at 07:48 PM
    AMEN VOTER! Nuff said.
  • by Insider Location: Lake Texoma on Apr 21, 2008 at 06:52 PM
    Voter, I agree with everything you are saying. Problem is, we have lost all control and have NONE. Even the Senator and Representative said they have no control. As you said, this is much bigger than anyone in state government wants to admit, or do anything about. We are caught in the middle of Oklahoma City's politics. It's not in their back yard, so it don't matter. They can spit on us and "oh well" they'll learn to deal with it. Well, I for one, am tired of dealing with it. If the Senator who pushed this bill to sell through, has been "misled" and has no control, what in the world are we to do?? Heck, even the Park Manager is hitting the high road and leaving town. Talk about knowing when to jump ship!! OR ... He got a huge promotion for helping this happen. We have lost our State Park. Get used to it. Marshall County is now going to be Pointe Vista County. Sucks .. but true!!
  • by Voter Location: Kingston on Apr 21, 2008 at 03:10 PM
    Pointe Vista Bill, not all of us, have a job with Pointe Vista. But with you living in Tishomingo, You will not have the cost we will. Property tax is going to balloon, Water & sewer bills will be going up & up, due to new water & sewer plants.(both plants to be owned by Pointe Vista) Maintenance Fee's for Rolling Hills & Oak Ridge will go to a price beyond most home owners budgets,thanks to Pointe Vista. If Pointe vista gets the "TIF" they are pushing for, all of us in Marshall County will pay the bill.(the money has to come from somewhere)The cost of living is going, UP in Marshall County. I don't see any good stuff on the Texas side, just big CO. having control. I don't want a job, serving and cleaning. The only one with opportuity is Pointe Vista, they are running all the others out. As for the old lodge, make a camp ground in its place. Who ask for all this ? Bill just, move to Texas, you can have, what you call the good stuff. I just want the Good Life, I have that, now.
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