Students, parents react to investigation at Sherman High School

By: Stephanie Brletic Email
By: Stephanie Brletic Email

SHERMAN, Tex. -- Dozens of police cars filled the lot at Sherman High School Friday morning after rumors of a possible fight spread through the halls. Now several parents are asking why they weren't informed.

The rumors didn't take long to spread, starting as soon as the school day began, but administrators say there was nothing to worry about and that everyone stayed safe.

Principal Thomas O'Neal says his school did investigate rumors of a possible large fight among the students and took precautionary measures, keeping students in class but not under lockdown until the issue could be investigated.

"They just came on the announcements and said you have to stay in your first class because there's a situation going on, and then like 45 minutes later he came on and said you can go to your second class, but there's rumors that stuff is going on and we're not going to put up with that," freshman Courtney Nelson says.

But it didn't take long for the rumors to spread like wildfire. Anxious students used cell phones to call their parents. One parent we talked to got the news from a text message.

"She texts me and says there's a situation at the school, the school's on lockdown and that supposedly somebody's going to come and shoot the school," parent Michelle Riojas says.

Sherman school officials assure us that there was absolutely no danger to students.

"We did not go into a formal lockdown situation. Once we knew that this situation was in hand, we dismissed the students to their second period class," O’Neal says.

Parents we talked to were very upset about the situation and say they would rather be notified of a potential threat- even if it is just a rumor by school officials and not by their children.

"They call us when the grades are bad, they call us when they're in trouble, and they call us when they have PTA. They have a computerized system, so why couldn't they call the parents and let us know that there was something going on at the school," Ms. Riojas added.

Parents say administrators should have used the automated system or even e-mail to let them know there was an investigation but that there was nothing to worry about.

Sherman police say they did have extra officers on campus today to investigate but found nothing.

Earlier Friday, dismissal officers were patrolling around the school, but they say it was just a precaution.

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  • by Anonymous Location: Sherman on Apr 30, 2008 at 10:25 AM
    Unappreciated teacher2: again for your information it wasn't just the KIDS that day. Get your head outta your butt and read all the posts. It was also adults making the phone calls that were worried also. Hello, Wake up and quit blamming the kids. Glad you don't teach my children, maybe that's why you are so unappreciated. Quit blamming that kids for the so called rumors!!!
  • by Confused Location: Sherman on Apr 30, 2008 at 10:08 AM
    What is a parent going to do by rushing to the school? Are they going to push past the SWAT team and police to get to little Johhny or Suzy? Talk about causing more trouble! I guess we can call off the SWAT and Police force and just let the panicking parents take care of the situation?
  • by unappreciated teacher2 Location: Sherman on Apr 30, 2008 at 09:52 AM
    Again, you are addressing something you know nothing about. At 9:11, I was on a very short break from giving the TAKS test. As a parent why haven't YOU been up here to see what goes on EVERYDAY. You along with so many others have had their heads in the sand about this high school. I am here everyday, deal with all kinds of stuff, everyday, and may even have your child. YOU need to be more involved before you have an opinion about what is or is not "scary" around here. Teachers are on the front line EVERYDAY. We have one of the most dangerous jobs in this country. Why haven't YOU been up here that last two years checking things out. Again, Friday was nothing different except the police were here, and honestly, most of us felt so much better because they were. Take your child to TCS or get involved.
  • by HERE Location: GONE on Apr 30, 2008 at 07:44 AM
    To UNAPPRCIATED TEACHER2- Why would these kids be scared, because the cops was there, or the swat team with big guns. It doesn't matter. He came home Monday and said he just doesn't feel safe anymore. Thats sad. I told him it seems they had the situation in hand but to say these kids had no reason to be scared is very very WRONG!!!! And your post went out at 9:11 am shouldn't you be teaching a class instead of being on the web.
  • by unappreciated teacher2 Location: Sherman on Apr 30, 2008 at 07:11 AM
    To SHS student. Why on that day were you suddenly scared? All of this is nothing new to SHS. There were NO guns, knives, or bats found in the school. Rumors by hysterical kids. Bats were found in a car, but that is it. I do not know what kind of world you have been living in, but this is the real world at SHS all of the time. If you feel scared, then go to TCS, or, realize what is around you ALL of the time.
  • by Anonymous Location: Sherman on Apr 30, 2008 at 05:21 AM
    unappreciated teacher2 no wonder you are unappreciated! After reading your last post! As far as children with cell phones it wasn't just the children using cell phones. I received a call from an adult who works at Sherman High! So QUIT blaming the children for using thier cell phones because they weren't the ONLY ones! Guess i am picking which laws i want to follow because my children will ALWAYS have thier cell phones. If they are scared or something happens you bet i'm right there to get them. I could care less what you think, guess i am babying them because i am a MOM and when my child is scared i will do everything in my POWER to calm them!!!!!! If that makes me wrong so be it!
  • by bystander Location: grayson co. on Apr 29, 2008 at 07:39 PM
    HERE/GONE - obviously you are unaware of the fact that the law states that the school MUST educate ALL children - so it's not like they "let them in" -- that all goes back to the USA our lackluster immmigration policies. Now, I do understand that the students were scared - anyone in their right mind would be regardless of their age or maturity level; it's just human nature -but it is not the TEACHERS fault. These policies come from administration and the only way to fix them is to elect the proper school board officials, attend meetings, and be sure that your voice of concern is heard. By the way, Good Luck with that!
  • by AliceIn Location: Wonderland on Apr 29, 2008 at 07:06 PM
    The illegals are in school only because the government says they have a right to be in school. It is illegal to ask them if they are legal. Until the U.S. pulls it's head out of it's a** and does something about the problem this is what we will get. And I'm not so stupid to think all illegals are the problem. They definately are not. But to the ones that are, they should be expelled. Why should our taxes go to pay to educate someone in the U.S., who is not a citizen or in our country legally, that shows so little respect for the educational system? If they can't live by the rules, kick them out.
  • by shs student on Apr 29, 2008 at 04:15 PM
    unappreciated teacher2. im a sophomore and my mother does not still baby me. and i was scared. have u not heard about all the fighting and shootings and killings that have happened in the past couple of years. i do not want to be one of the people killed at school. so i was scared. there has been news of a gun, knife, and bat being taken out of the school.why should this not have scared me
  • by HERE Location: GONE on Apr 29, 2008 at 02:28 PM
    But the school system let the illegals in how many mexicans are that that have a real birth certificate and or social security card Heck I know of one boy that has been her a long time 4-12 and guess what he is illegal and yet he graduated something around his neck for something honors i think anyhow like I said we let them and we cant get them out(by the way the mexican i am talking about is now my son-in-law) So please understand this MY KID DID NOT FOOL ME I KNOW WHEN HE IS SCARED AND I HAVENT SEEN HIM LIKE THAT IN A LONG TIME. My other son was not as much. So teachers THERE WAS A LOCK DOWN AND JOIN THE PTA FOR WHAT!!! TELL ME HOW I CAN HELP
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