Gas myths busted

By: Mystic Matthews Email
By: Mystic Matthews Email

SHERMAN, TX - Gas prices, as we know are at a record high. But can the pain at the pump be helped? Some claim there are ways to save money but do these tips and tricks really work?

Mystic Matthews talked to the experts and has the answers for us.

It is stuff we hear all the time, top off the tank, don't fill up in the afternoon, but is it true?

We've compiled a list of what does and does not work.

With gasoline topping 3.50 a gallon for regular, some people like John Miller are asking if there is a better way. “Like right now, I’m only filling up to $20.00 because it’s gone up so much its ridiculous.”

Can we get more for our money when we are filling up the tank? Some tips, like filling up in the morning are true.

Experts say the ground temperature is still cold in the A.M., keeping underground storage tanks cool too. That means gas is more condensed, so you get a little more when you fill up.

But what about topping off your tank? Terry Jarvis says, “I can't really see where that would be really much of an advantage.”

And experts like Midas Technician Gary Mueller agree. "You don't want to top it off. You run it up till it clicks then you stop, because it has an Evap system. It takes the fumes. If you overfill it, the Evap system can't do its job.”

Mueller says that could cause your check engine light to come on.

And speaking of vapors, petroleum executives say when you fill up, don't squeeze the trigger to fast mode. It puts more vapors and less liquid in the tank. So keep it on low to get more for your money.

And that brings us to maintenance. Mueller says, "You can lose two miles to the gallon with over inflated or under-inflated tires. So they need to be what the manufacturer called for."

And tires aren't the only thing. "Keep your car tuned up, oil changed and air filter clean. Anything and everything helps."

Another thing experts say we should do is fill-up when the tank is half full. It minimizes evaporation, keeping more gas in. And they say make sure the gas cap stays tight. Otherwise fumes will escape your tank, along with your money.

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