Arrested student talks about Sherman HS riot

By: Ruth Baker Email
By: Ruth Baker Email

SHERMAN, Tex. -- A riot on Thursday at Sherman High School has some parents and students concerned about their safety at school. Ruth Baker spoke with one of the students in involved in that altercation.

Before the bell rang at Sherman High on Thursday morning, two students were fighting in the halls onside the cafeteria.

"He hit me. I was just looking around. He hit me right in the eye, and I was like, ‘Let’s go again."

One of the students, Daniel Gracia, 17, says it all started by fighting over a chair in the cafeteria.

Sherman school officials say they have strict policies in place when it comes to violence. They say zero tolerance does apply and if kids don't listen to authorities, they could be sent home or even arrested.

But Gracia didn't make it to class.

Two officers assigned to the school grounds took him, along with six others, into custody. They were charged with rioting. Authorities say it was because of the number of people involved.

"It was a regular fight. It involved 10 students which created a substantial risk of other people being injured."

"Daniel’s going to be suspended today. He got into a pretty big fight today."

This is the message his mother received from the school but she later found out her son was in Grayson County Jail, something she says she is every parent’s worst nightmare.

"Seeing my son had a black eye and a cut, he told them he was ok but that was him trying to be a big man."

Police say the teachers are trained to control these situations but should never have to be put in harm’s way.

"There are other avenues to take then physical violence. You wouldn’t be safe on the road or even going to Wal-Mart or Christmas shopping if people resort to violence."

From Thursday/Friday...
SHERMAN, Tex. -- Sherman Police say an incident at Sherman High School that sent several students to jail on Thursday was a "riot".

All of the pictured students will be charged with "riot participation" as adults.

All but one posted bond.

The other minor students involved were likely released to their parents or juvenile services.

Police say a fight broke out, and a crowd of students jumped in.

We will have more on this as it becomes available.

From Thursday...
SHERMAN, Tex. -- Ten students have been jailed on rioting charges after a large fight at Sherman High School on Thursday.

Sherman Police say it happened just before 8 o’clock Thursday morning near the campus library.

While authorities aren't releasing names or ages of those arrested, they do say that seven adult students and three juvenile students were involved.

No one was seriously hurt, but one student was treated for minor injuries on campus.

An estimated 300 students were in that hall when the fight broke out, which officers say made it difficult to break up the skirmish.

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  • by Realistic Location: Denison on Sep 26, 2007 at 09:00 AM
    To "mother of one" Are you kidding me? "my son has never done anything wrong in his whole life"??? How can you be so naive? Or are you just in denial? I've never met any kid, boy or girl who has "never" done anything wrong. All involved are punks, the one who started it and the one, "Let's go again" who egged it on. They were all wrong and should be punished. This has been going on as long as I can remember and always this time of year. The difference being up to the early 70's the school had the authority to take action without the parents getting a lawyer and trying ot sue to make an easy buck. Believe it or not the parents then used to back the teachers and the school. It's not the job of the teachers to be referees for your disrespectful kids. If parents would do their job an discipline their kids then the teachers could concentrate on their job and teach them what they need to know to get ahead in this world. Get with it people and quit raising punks!
  • by Outsider Location: Ok. on Sep 25, 2007 at 01:37 PM
    Remember the good ole days when some boys would get in a fight at school and then they would be taken into the principle's office and get their backsides paddled. End of story.
  • by Name Withheld Location: Sherman on Sep 25, 2007 at 08:33 AM
    I so totally agree with John. There is a huge dividing line between eastside and westside. Of course, people will deny this. Those people being from the westside... Even affects the elementary schools. My child is stuck at the least desirable school in town, Washington, cause of zoning. We are forced to mingle with the undesirable parents as a result. There is a huge difference between parent involvement and inforcement of school rules. Staff is just relieved that kids are at school. There is almost no PTA activity. These are the kids growing into thugs. It begins early, with little or no parent involvement, and NO positive male role models.
  • by mother of one Location: sherman on Sep 24, 2007 at 09:33 PM
    For one thing my son has never done wrong in his whole lif all he has been doing is working and going to school he was hit first not doing the hitting there is a video of all of these that no one except the minor are getting to see so before you commet on how so of the kids are thug you should think first,....these boys he a good kid if you need money and he had it he would give it to you.....
  • by john Location: denton on Sep 24, 2007 at 02:08 PM
    Are you nuts? Thinking anybody associated with SISD has the b***s to step in and stop a fight is a joke. They only want to collect a check and go home. To say Sherman High has racial problems is a really easy way to look at it. The bigger problem comes from the people who live west of 75 looking at those who live on the east side as scum. It has been this was since the 70's and unless the parents do something to change this viewpoint things will continue to deteriorate. Oh wait this is Sherman I'm talking about it cant happen here. babyarm
  • by Anonymous on Sep 24, 2007 at 01:40 PM
    They're old enough to know the rules and break them anyway. Then they're old enough to face the punishment that has been established for the crime. If it doesn't stop now when will it? When one of them is robbing a convenience store, stealing a car, or breaking into your house? And come on be realistic paddling has no effect on teenagers at this age.
  • by Freshman Mother Location: Sherman on Sep 24, 2007 at 12:17 PM
    Hopefully these people learned their lesson about violent behavior. This boy did nothing to remove himself from the situation and even encouraged the fight by stating "Let's go again". I believe SHS administration and police did the right thing. I don't want these kind of troublemakers in school with my child. If they're not attending school to get an education, then keep them away by any means necessary.
  • by That Girl Location: Bryan county on Sep 24, 2007 at 09:11 AM
    If the parents can't or won't handle the situation then the law has to step in. I think that these boys all of them need to be sent to the army so they can learn disicipline and respect.
  • by Name withheld Location: Sherman on Sep 24, 2007 at 06:59 AM
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Sherman high was rough when I went there in the 90's. There is a lot of racial tension and too many parents who don't care at home. This so called riot is no surprise, if the kids aren't disciplined at home,who do you think is gonna do it? In my day, the teachers were very intimidated by the thugs... No way were they gonna be confrontational. Parrents, you need to wake up and be more involved. Know who is in the halls with your kids, and demand SISD take action. It may need to start with the no good parents.
  • by parent Location: howe on Sep 24, 2007 at 06:01 AM
    ya know its really a shame when your kids have to go to school and cops are there. children should feel safe at school and not just cause there are police roaming the halls all day. that is the main reason my kids are in howe schools, sherman is just too big
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