Friday 4/28 Midday Web Weather

Severe storm overlook

Your Overnight & 7-Day Forecast !

Overnight the winds will relax ... Slowing to 15-25 mph will Temps tumble again into the upper 30s and Low 40s. Monday a big warm up back into the upper 70s.

Power Outages & High Wind Update

Across Texoma upward of 1,800 Homes & Families are without power this evening. High winds continue to blow from the west 20-35 mph with Gusts up to 50. After the sun sets at 8:09 pm ... the winds will relax ... lowering the risk of additional outages and making it easier to restore power.

Your Sunday & Monday Forecast ...

Plan on a Very Windy and a Tad Chilly Sunday as Texoma Skies Clear.

Your Overnight & Sunday Weather

Overnight more Showers and Rain will move across Texoma causing more Flooding. Turn Around Don't Drown ! Sunday will be chilly, windy with clearing skies by afternoon.


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