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Sherman, TX

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Hi: 98° Lo: 74°

Feels like 81°F
Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 80%

Dewpoint: 72°
Heat Index: 81°
Wind Direction: S
Wind Speed: 7 mph

Sunrise: 06:32:48 am
Sunset: 08:33:28 pm

10% Showers or storms.

6 AM


Humidity: 80%
Precip: 0%

7 AM


Humidity: 84%
Precip: 0%

8 AM


Humidity: 78%
Precip: 0%

9 AM


Humidity: 69%
Precip: 0%

10 AM


Humidity: 61%
Precip: 10%

11 AM


Humidity: 55%
Precip: 10%


Hi: 96° Lo: 74

Hi: 97° Lo: 74

Hi: 98° Lo: 76

Hi: 100° Lo: 76

Hi: 101° Lo: 77

Hi: 99° Lo: 79

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11:00 pm – Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Sunday the Heat Advisory … Has been elevated to an Excessive Heat Warning across Pontotoc, Coal & Atoka Counties. Please memorize the Symptoms of Heat Stroke. Heat Stroke is a life threatening emergency and you should be prepared to call 911, immediately for anyone with symptoms. The Heat Stress on your Body from the Heat & Humidity will feel like 104° up to 113°. So this weekend drink lots of water before going outdoors, wear light color cloths and take frequent breaks indoors or in the shade.

Saturday ... was Sherman / Denison's first 100 degree day of the 2017.

Tonight … temps have fallen back into the mid-80s under clear skies. Overnight … Texoma will be warm and humid. By morning winds will be near calm and morning Lows will be near 76.

Sunday … a Cut and Paste forecast Except Hotter ! A weak Front will be draped along Interstate 40 … pooling Gulf Moisture & High Humidity across the SE half to Oklahoma. An “Excessive Heat Warning” with combined Heat & Humidity of 108° to 113° degrees. For the rest of Texoma … Afternoon Highs will be near 98 ... Feeling like 104-109, still Dangerous Heat. Skies will be Mostly Sunny to Partly Cloudy, South breezes 5-15 mph, and a 10 % chance of a pop up Gusty Downpours.

Monday … the Upper Air Ridge retreats west over Denver Colorado. This westward shift will allow an upper air disturbance to ride around the northeast edge of the Upper High and across Texoma. Plan on a slight break from the oppressive heat … but not humidity … with a 30% chance of Showers & Thunderstorms. Winds will be from the South 10-15 mph, under Mostly to Partly Cloudy Skies. Afternoon Highs will reach 96 and feel like 98 to 102.

Tuesday … morning lows will be near 74 as slightly drier air mixes down after Monday’s showers. Skies will be Mostly Sunny with South-Southwest breezes 10-20 mph. Afternoon Highs will be a tad warmer near 97.

Wednesday … with surface High Pressure to our southeast along the Gulf Coast and Low Pressure over the Plains States … winds will increase from the South 10-20 mph. This means increasing Humidity, Sunny skies and breezy Afternoon Highs near 98.

Wednesday through Friday … center of Upper Ridge moves back over Texoma and we turn Sunny, Hot & and Humid. Winds will be from the South-Southwest 10-20 mph with slowly rising dew points. Plan on warm morning Lows near 76 … and afternoons with highs in the 98 … up to 102 by Friday.

Saturday … we get our next brief break from the heat … thanks to a summer Cold Front. Winds will be from the North 10-20 with a 20% chance of Showers and Storms. Afternoon Highs will be 6 degrees cooler … near 96.

As always … this week please remember … Don’t Leave Pets or Children in the Car … with Temps nearing 100° … Cars will heat up to well over 135 degrees or hotter in less than 15-20 minutes ... Parked Cars will be Death Traps ! Do a back seat “Double Check”, so no one is left behind when parking your car.

Tom Hale
News 12 - Your Weather Authority


Lake Texoma Temp 82
Grayson County Airport Observed High 100
Grayson County Airport Observed Low 75
Rain: Sherman-Denison (NTRA) 0.00
Ardmore High 100
Ardmore Observed Low 76
Rain: Ardmore 0.00
SunRise July 23, 2017: 6:33 a.m.
SunSet July 23, 2017: 8:33 p.m.

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