Durant Mayor under fire for comments on Black Lives Matter protests, transgender people

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 8:37 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Durant Mayor Oden Grube shared a controversial Facebook post this week about the Black Lives Matter Movement and the transgender community.

The author of the post Grube shared was addressing the Alamosa, CO driver who was shot in the head earlier this month and killed by a Black Lives Matter protester.

One Durant resident, Shelby Lynn, said Grube took the incident out of context.

“A man hit a woman, another man’s wife, with his car and he retaliated and unfortunately it got associated with the movement,” said Lynn.

Lynn said she was taken back when she saw the mayor had shared that post on her own personal page, saying it showed her ‘true colors.'

“We have to reevaluate because people are showing their true colors on social media platforms and unfortunately in our decade that’s huge,” Lynn said.

But Grube is not backing down. She said she only meant to make the post on her personal page and quickly issued a public apology about where she made the post, not what she said.

In the same post Grube shared there were also controversial remarks about the transgender community. Specifically, the phrase ‘we don’t care about your precious feelings and will no longer pretend a dude in a dress is a woman.'

Grube said she has friends in the gay community but stands by the sentiment in the post as well. She says most of the backlash she’s received has been from people outside the Durant community.

“If they don’t like what I said then I just suggest they just scroll on by if they saw something they don’t like,” Grube said.

In the future Grube said she will be more conscious of trying not to offend “the radicals”, but Lynn said she wants a formal apology from Grube.

“People will be willing to forgive her if she’s willing to take accountability,” Lynn said. “Say ‘hey like everyone else I’m going to work on myself and I hope I can do better for the people because that’s who I represent.‘”

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