Fireworks sales on the rise, police warn without permit you could face a fine

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 9:08 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Ben’s Fireworks in Denison opened for business this week and with people stuck home because of COVID-19 owner LaFawn Morykwas said sales are on the rise with people eager to scratch their patriotic itch.

“We have been cooped up, things are changing so I think fireworks kind of represent a unity...our freedom,” Morykwas said.

But even with all the choices--Roman candles, bottle rockets--and the colorful labels and names that seem made to be set off in the name of America in Denison you won’t be able to without a permit.

Even having fireworks in your possession without a permit could earn you a fine.

“They’ll receive a citation that’s in the amount of two hundred nine dollars,” said officer Tom Unerfusser.

Unerfusser said police will not be trying to catch people in possession of fireworks in town, but if you happen to be passing through he says to keep them out of sight.

“Make sure they’re not opened, make sure you don’t have the instruments to light them in the vehicle with the occupants,” Unerfusser said.

Morykwas said for anyone setting off fireworks to be sure to read the safety guidelines, and if you buy from Ben’s employees will teach you proper safety and handling techniques.

“Our employees teach them how to use them, we give them safety tips for how to keep your canister straight that is very important,” Morykwas said.

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