Injured 70-year-old gets help and yard work done from Ada Police detective

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 12:32 AM CDT
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ADA, Okla (KXII) - On his way home from a doctor’s appointment during his lunch break Wednesday, Ada Police Detective Joe Machetta says he routinely checks his scanner in case a fire or an EMS call leads to police involvement.

“You never know what the call is really going to be and sometimes someone is going to call dispatch and that’s not at all what they call it in as,” said Machetta.

That same day, Detective Machetta heard over his scanner that an elderly woman fell from doing yard work that was a mile away from where he lives.

“When I got there I knew her arm was broken,” said Machetta. “I asked her what she was doing and she said she got some bushes that were growing through her fence, and when she walks on the sidewalk she tends to trip.”

70-year-old Judy Waters lives in Ada with her husband, Cletis, who lives with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Waters says she fell down and fractured her wrist a little after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday in blazing sun.

“Being that it was a little around noon, I really didn’t want someone to sit in the yard with a medical injury. I didn’t know how long it would take the EMTs to get here,” said Detective Machetta.

Waters said while she and Machetta were waiting for EMS to arrive, he grabbed two loose boards on her property to make a modified stabilizer for her fractured wrist.

Machetta said he couldn’t help to think about his grandmother who’s around Waters’ age, and since her husband was not able to help with no other family members near, he decided to complete her yard work.

“He asked, ‘How much do you want off?’ I said don’t you do that, you don’t need to be doing that. He said, ‘That’s not what I asked you,” said Waters.

Ten minutes later, Waters was taken to a local hospital for her wrist, and came back home to clean a yard.

“She didn’t believe me,” said Detective Machetta. “I didn’t want her to fall and hurt herself even more. So, I went home after work and changed and told my two boys, ‘I’m going to do some yard work for this lady that fell and hurt herself today, and they said ‘can we come?’ and I said sure!”

Machetta and his sons, Logan Machetta and Oscar Gutierrez came back to Mrs. Waters’ home with their own equipment to finish trimming the overgrown hedges and took the remaining scraps back home.

“The fence had leaves and branches all over the place and you could barely walk on the walk path,” said Gutierrez. “We just thought it would be something nice we could do,” said his brother Logan.

Machetta and his sons say they would do it all over again, and plan to keep an eye on Mrs. Waters.

“It was a Godsend,” said Waters. “I truly believe it. I sure feel like he’s my knight in shining armor.”

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