Denison plans 4th of July block party, despite COVID-19 pandemic

Local businesses worry they may not be able to pay rent
Rail Yard in Downtown Denison is hosting a block party for 4th of July weekend.
Rail Yard in Downtown Denison is hosting a block party for 4th of July weekend.(KXII)
Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 11:24 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Over 30 bars across the state of Texas filed suit, and sent letters to Governor Greg Abbott, after he unexpectedly shut down bars for a second time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Denison, bar owners are teaming up with the city to throw a block party, in hopes of recovering some of the money they’re losing.

“Because of the spread of COVID-19 in bars, I ordered last week that bars need to be shut down.” Abbott said.

Friday June 26th, Texas Governor Abbott made the call to shut down bars in Texas- with a two hour notice.

“We should’ve been allowed 48 hours like the restaurants were.” said Dennis McCabe. “They were given the weekend to go from 75% to 50% - It would’ve been nice if the bars and night clubs were given the same courtesy.”

“I would like my customers to be able to have the choice.” said Josh Massey.

Railyard owner Josh Massey said there’s unintended consequences to being closed.

”But arbitrary restrictions really challenge the customer and in my case, my tenants who are all restaurants and bars, to be able to make a profit, and pay for their families.” Massey said.

One of those tenants, Green Growler owner Dennis McCabe isn’t sure he’ll make it through this shut-down.

“Long term? It’s just going to hurt me financially. My income will go down- hopefully I’ll have enough to keep rent paid at home, and here.” said McCabe.

One way they hope to get that rent paid, a block party for the 4th of July, this weekend- working with the city’s approval to encourage people to party outside on Main Street in Denison.

Massey believes they can do it safely.

“Lots more sanitization, really a lot more visible sanitization.” Massey said.

“Hopefully the decisions already made, will lead to a reduction in the amount of COVID-19 spreading.” Abbott said.

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