Protesters march with signs, and guns around Gainesville Confederate monument

People gathered around the Cooke County courthouse to spark conversation about the Confederate monument
Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 2:39 PM CDT
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GAINESVILLE, Texas (KXII) - Protesters marched in downtown Gainesville, to spark conversation about the confederate monument that sits outside the county courthouse.

Several dozen people gathered at the Cooke County courthouse Wednesday night.

For a protest, intended to ignite conversation about the removal of the confederate soldier monument in Gainesville.

”We feel like this monument doesn’t represent us as a community. It doesn’t represent who we are. We are very diverse, there’s a lot beauty in our cultures and we want to uplift those cultures and make sure everyone feels comfortable here in Gainesville, Texas.” said Torrey Henderson.

Co-founder of PRO Gainesville, a grassroots organization of people who advocate for change, Torrey Henderson said the group doesn’t exclude anyone.

The conversation got heated when other members of the community also converged at the county courthouse.

People who felt strongly about the monument, said it was their right to protect their county.

”I’m here trying to save this monument. This was a monument that was set up for people who died,” said one protester.

”I love this statue. I’ve been here ten years, and I’ve been coming by. I’ve never been in the courthouse, but I heard that they (PRO Gainesville) were going to be here to try and destroy it. I know there’s police here watching us, but we’re not going to let anything happen to it.” Herberto Casas said.

Henderson said PRO Gainesville did show up for confrontation.

”It’s meant to silence us, to make us stop. But we won’t be silenced and we won’t stop. We will continue to stand up for all those vulnerable in our community.” Henderson said.

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