Texoma death rate from Coronavirus cut in half as cases continue to rise

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 10:44 AM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - The Grayson County Health Department reported the county’s sixth and seventh Coronavirus related deaths Wednesday.

But the overall death rate from the virus throughout Texoma has been cut in half over the past two months, now sitting at less than 1.7 percent.

Reported cases, however, have sky rocketed with 673 active cases reported Wednesday. Total cases are now up ten times what they were in the beginning of the summer and it has some Texomans worries.

“Everyone else has closed up and it’s quiet in those places but here it’s booming,” said Lesley Seay, a warehouse worker. “Everyone is still out and moving around as if there’s not a virus going around.”

With active cases on the rise others in more at risk populations, like 71-year-old Bobby Brown, are limiting their outside activity.

“I’m just staying in the house. I just take her out, Bella (my dog) in the morning and then walk her in the evening,” Brown said.

Dr. Minaxi Rathad has been treating patients with infectious diseases in Grayson County for the past 30 years. She says that the low death rate from the virus is a product of more positive tests and more targeted care from health care workers. But we have a long way to go before the virus is under control.

“When the number (of cases) increase the percentage (in the death rate) will go down,” Rathad said. “But there are more studies that do show promise. Some of the other medications and alternative treatments that have been used over the period of the last three to four months that help us make better judgement calls on treatment protocols.”

Rathad said it’s Texoma’s demographics, a large population of older people and people with preexisting health issues, that makes the area a prime location for COVID-19 spread if people don’t take it seriously.

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