Local bar shut down by Gov. Abbott’s order the day after renewing liquor license

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 8:25 AM CDT
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Red Rock Saloon owner Diana Jenkins had been closed down for weeks during the first shutdown when she scraped together around $6,000 to renew their Texas Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission license on June 25 in hopes of reopening.

The next day Gov. Greg Abbott shut them back down.

“We had no choice but to pay that or lose our liquor license,” Jenkins said. “We put everything into this building, we quit our jobs to do this our customers are our family.”

Jenkins said all the work put in to renewing the license only to get shut down has left them with “no way to make money” and still reeling from the first state shut down because of the Coronavirus.

“We’re still behind on some of the bills here and thankfully everybody is working with us paying what they can when they can,” Jenkins said. “We cashed out the GoFundMe that we had to keep things paid and just to keep the lights on.”

Establishments that don’t serve food and bring in 51 percent or more of their revenue from alcohol sales are classified as bars under Texas Law.

Bars inside restaurants, however, can remain open.

Several bar owners across the state have filed a lawsuit against Abbott with the hopes of voiding his executive order.

Bill Kennedy owns the 1880 Ice House which was also forced to close under Abbott’s executive order.

“We’re trying to use this time to just make sure that everything is dialed in so that when we can reopen we’re just that much more ready to cater to our clientele,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy is also a lawyer, but isn’t going to file suit.

“I don’t agree with the order, I don’t agree with the fact that there are bars within certain venues that are allowed to be opened or things like that,” Kennedy said. “However, I think the governor probably has legal authority.”

Jenkins wants the City of Denison to let her reopen under special outdoor even permits.

But so far, the city has not approved that plan.

“We are definitely fighting, that’s our goal is to keep the doors open but we need our customer’s help and support through all this,” Jenkins said.

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