Fall sports begin practice in Oklahoma

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 11:08 PM CDT
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(KXII) - For the first time since March, high schools in Oklahoma were allowed to return to team sanctioned practices. On Wednesday, sports like cross country, volleyball, baseball, and Softball returned to action.

Durant and Kingston are a two teams from Texoma that are coming off seasons that ended in the state tournament, and their looking forward to starting the season.

“It’s really exciting, they’re like a second family to me,” said Durant second baseman Sarin Almos. “So, I’ve missed it a lot. It’s good to be back out here.”

“You kind of take it for granted, with everything that’s going around, it’s just makes you feel grateful,” said Durant second baseman Kalin Beller. “I think we’re all really excited to be back.”

“It feels good with the incoming freshman this year,” said Kingston right fielder Kayte Auld. “I think we’re all bonding pretty well. Practice is going good.”

While practice may be underway, things still aren’t quite the same. Aside from players keeping their distance, and coaches wearing masks, valuable time was taken away over the last four months. Which leaves less time to get back up to speed. But that won’t change their expectations.

“Normally, over these next couple of days, we would have already been going, and we’d be getting a little more advanced,” said Durant head coach Cody Little. “Today, is really just fundamentals, hitting the basics, trying to fine tune some things. We’ve got three weeks and three days until our first game. So for us, it’s got to happen quick.”

“We were working on bunt coverage’s, and hitting,” said Durant pitcher Carlie Sanders. “We’re kind of just getting it all back together now.”

“We have high expectations every year,” said Kingston catcher Emi O’Steen. “It’s definitely going to be different this year, but we’re ready to see how it goes.”

“Everything is going to stay the same, as far was what we do work wise, like conditioning, daily drills,” said Kingston head coach Darron Henson. “Situations are going to be the same as they’ve always been.”

Football is scheduled to begin practice on August 10th.

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