Trump supporters plan boat parade on Lake Texoma

What started as a get-together with friends, became a boat parade hundreds of Trump supporters...
What started as a get-together with friends, became a boat parade hundreds of Trump supporters in Texoma have shown interest in the Saturday parade.(KXII)
Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 6:30 PM CDT
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CARTWRIGHT, Okla. (KXII) - A group is gathering on Lake Texoma this weekend for a boat parade in support of President Donald Trump. They say the event is getting more attention than they anticipated.

The parade is scheduled for Saturday from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. starting at East Burns Run on Lake Texoma.

“We had some friends that came by on their boat and they had a Trump flag behind and we said you know that’d be really cool if some other people had their flags out showing their support,” said one organizer, Stan Carver II.

Carver says they saw a similar event that happened down at Lake Dallas and wanted to bring the opportunity to folks at Lake Texoma.

“We did a private Facebook page with just a few of our friends, and they’re all like oh I have a friend, I wanna share it to them, and so they twisted our arm, made it public,” said Carver.

What started as a get-together among friends, quickly became an event, hundreds of people on both sides of the Red River showed interest in.

“Next thing you know we’ve had over 700 people say they’re interested in or going to this event. I was like that’s a lot more friends than I think I have,” said Carver.

Carver says the goal of the event is to show their support for President Trump. They will lead the parade route from their starting point at East Burns Run to Grandpappy Point, Highport, and up through Oklahoma - all on Lake Texoma.

“This is a peaceful event. It’s our first amendment right to be able to gather peacefully to assemble whether it’s for civil, religious or patriotism, and in this case, it’s strongly patriotism,” said Carver.

As far as safety during the pandemic, Carver says they just encourage people to be respectful of others.

“When boats are in motion, their boater certification requires 50-foot distance between each other so we’re far beyond the social distancing. But we do encourage them to have fun, not be fearful, and then do things to keep each other safe just like they would elsewhere,” said Carver.

Anyone is welcome to join the parade.

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