OHP Trooper saves family from sinking boat on Lake Murray

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 6:52 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Oklahoma (KXII) -An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper came out and rescued a couple, their daughter and their dog after the family got stuck on a sinking boat in the middle of the storm last Thursday evening.

Oklahoma State Troopers Casey Hall said he wouldn’t call himself a hero. He said rescuing people is just part of the job.

“If you’re out here, you’re my responsibility,” Hall said.

Hall said the family had taken out their Tahoe Q5 Ski & Fish boat when the skies were still sunny.

“They said they were going out there and the storm came in real quick,” Hall said. “The waves kept coming over the bow of the boat. It took on so much water, it just took the motor out. They were stranded.”

He knew that the situation could get dicey in an instant.

“I got on my vessel and they were sinking and getting thrown up against rocks,” Hall said. “The waves were just beating them down. And the lighting and the rain… they were just adrift and slowly sinking.”

So Hall did what he always does.

“Training kicked in just to get them out of danger and back into the marina,” Hall said.

Hall said the family survived because everyone on board was wearing a life jacket, even the dog.

“That dog had a life jacket,” Hall said. “I had to reach down and grab him. He was really happy he was on the boat.”

Hall said he’s never seen a drowning where the victim wore a life jacket.

“They put their life jackets on,” Hall said. “That was the most important thing. If they hadn’t, it would probably be a different outcome.”

He said it’s also important to check the weather forecast before you take out a boat.

“On the lake, you really need to check the weather to see what your forecast is going to be,” Hall said.

The family was unable to get their boat out that evening, but returned on Friday and pumped the water out.

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