Teacher makes dream come true for Durant teen killed in crash

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 11:10 PM CDT
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Hunter Ford’s mother Sabrina always knew her son had big dreams.

“Find a cure for everything, go on a cruise, have nephews, have nieces, be the youngest person to play in the NBA,” Ford said.

But Hunter, along with three other friends, Jack Sarver, Fernando Flores and Kaleb Foster were killed by a drunk driver earlier this year.

In fifth grade his teacher Jessica Mitchell had the class make a memory book, and write down 100 things they want to do before they die.

“He wanted to be a father, wanted to be a husband,” Ford said. “He was a three sport athlete so he wanted to be the youngest person to play in the NBA and MLB.”

Among those lofty goals was meeting his favorite athlete, Stephen Curry point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

“One of the things he had put on there was that he wanted to meet Steph Curry,” Mitchell said.

So on a whim, Mitchell reached out to the star basketball player.

“I just explained who Hunter was, explained his story and just asked him for something to give to his parents,” Mitchell said.

All she asked for was an autograph, or a picture but instead the Golden State Warriors star sent the Ford family a special video message.

“Hey Ford family, it’s Stephen Curry here. I know you guys are going through unthinkable tragedy and I cannot imagine,” Curry said in the video.

It was Ford’s idol reaching.

“I heard a lot about Hunter, who he was as a person, how special he was as an individual and the impact he had while he was on this earth to not only your entire family but everyone who met him,” Curry said in his message.

Ford replied with a video of her own to Curry, thanking the star basketball player and telling him how much her son wanted to be just like him.

“He was a dreamer and had big goals and I think he could have accomplished those goals,” Ford said in the video to Curry. “He looked up to you not only for how hard you worked, but for the kind of man that you are.”

Her son’s dream had come true.

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