Studies show some face coverings are less effective than others

A shocking discovery: gaiter masks and bandannas are proven to be the least safe
Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 5:51 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - A new study highlights the most popular types of face coverings, and ranks them by which is most effective.

For months, leaving the house with a face-covering has been the new normal. But according to a recent study from Duke university, only certain masks are doing the job.

“The mask is designed to help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets, through the air, which is the way the virus spreads,” said Dr. Richard Parker, a physician at Trusted ER in Sherman.

Dr. Parker said there are three categories of masks. N95s, surgical three-layer masks and cotton masks, which include bandannas and gaiters.

”The gaiter mask has been shown to be the least effective, in terms of helping prevent the spread of the COVID virus. The most effective have been the surgical masks,” Dr. Parker said.

According to the study, gaiter masks are made of polyester spandex and actually increase the number of droplets a person releases, by splicing larger droplets into smaller ones.

This causes them to linger in the air longer.

”It’s very important to wear masks. It’s one of the few tools that we have, but it’s a very effective tool to help stop the spread of the virus,” said Dr. Parker.

He said, people most likely choose the gaiter mask over traditional face coverings because of convenience, but he says it’s important we wear the mask for the right reasons.

”My grandma lives with me at home, and so my parents try to do everything to keep her safe.” said Sherman high school senior Edgar Alvarenga

“It could definitely help reduce the number of cases we have today,” said Whitesboro senior Jaden Archetta.

”I’m wearing it for one reason, because it’s required,” said Sherman resident Vern Christiansen.

”To stop the spread, we all need to be wearing masks. So that’s what we’re doing,” said Sherman resident Jonitha Wilkenson.

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