Paris protesters continue effort to relocate courthouse statue

Published: Aug. 24, 2020 at 7:12 PM CDT
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PARIS, Texas (KXII) - Protesters in Lamar County continue in their fight to relocate the courthouse confederate memorial. They say they’re being ignored.

Taisley Scroggin is one of 2,500 people in Lamar County to sign a petition to relocate the confederate statue from the county courthouse.

“We’ve been trying to establish communication in any form whatsoever whether that be written, verbal, in person for over 2 months and it’s been consistent that we’ve tried and we’ve not received even anything at all,” said Scroggin.

They brought the petition to the courthouse, only to be turned away.

“That’s the issue here is that, you know we can accept a ‘no.’ We don’t like it, but we can accept a ‘no’ and talk with you about it, but for you to not respond to us at all is what we find to be unacceptable,” said Scroggin.

“If any of the commissioners wanted to put it on the agenda we would, but I don’t think at this time, I don’t think any of them are interested in putting it on the commissioner’s court agenda,” said Lamar County Judge Brandon Bell.

Bell says he is not interested in bringing a vote to the agenda.

“It has been on the agenda fairly recently and it’s just not a very popular idea in Lamar County. I had lots of folks tell me that they don’t want it removed,” said Bell.

“In 2017, I and a number of other people attempted to address the confederate statue being located on the courthouse grounds,” said protester, Brenda Cherry.

A civil rights activist since 2003, Cherry says public response has changed significantly.

“The attitudes have changed, there’s more understanding, and it’s more diverse. It wasn’t that way in 2017,” said Cherry.

They say this won’t slow them down.

“We’re certainly not giving up so if they think that just ignoring us is going to do anything, it most definitely won’t,” said Scroggin.

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