Ardmore man walks 146 miles in honor of son becoming US Marine

Published: Sep. 7, 2020 at 10:51 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - A few months after graduating from Lone Grove High School, Mason Green is nearing the culmination of Marine recruit training at Camp Pendleton in California.

Green and the other recruits are on track to face their final challenge before becoming a United States Marine early Tuesday Morning.

“The crucible is the last big challenge for a Marine recruit in boot camp. They are going to walk 45 miles with their full pack. They got 36 obstacles along the way and the whole process is 54-hours with little sleep and little food,” said Troy Green, Mason’s dad.

Troy plans to follow his son’s lead and embark on his own 54-hour walk to Norman, Oklahoma and then back to Ardmore.

“It’s 146 mile according to google maps,” Troy said. “He’s not having to walk that far, but in calculating it out, I will be able to spend the whole 54 hours on the road which is how long it will take him to get through his crucible.”

Marine recruits, both at Camp Pendleton and Parris Island have to complete the crucible before earning their Eagle, Globe and Anchor, or better known as their EGA pin.

“I never thought he would join the Marines, I was shocked by that. I figured he would get into law enforcement like his father. But the Marines took me by surprise,” said Mindy Green, Mason’s mom.

Mindy said Mason plans to get into law enforcement and said he is on track to become a military police officer.

“Serve justice he says, he’s all about serving justice and honor.” Mindy said, “it’s very fitting that he chose the Marines.

As Marine recruit Green takes his first step at 2 a.m. PST Tuesday morning, Troy plans to start his walk in Ardmore at 4 a.m CDT.

“I want to experience it with him as he’s experiencing it at the same time,” said Troy. “I’m going to do the same sleeping pattern as him and eat the same food he’s eating. I have to walk 23-hours before I can sleep and I’ll get three hours of which is what he’s going to get. That way I will be getting up at the same time on day two.”

Troy said he will carry the same weight as his son, nearly 45 pounds which include 14 liters of water, ankle weights and other safety items on his journey as he completes his 54-hour walk.

Troy said his walk will end Thursday, Sept. 10 when his son completes the crucible and earns his EGA pin. He said Mason will also turn 19 years old when he climbs the top of the “Reaper” at the end of the crucible.

“It’s Mason’s birthday that day,” Troy said while pausing. “He’s made me a better father in a lot of ways.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Troy and Mindy are not able to attend Mason’s graduation from the Marine Corp, but after the walk -- Troy and Mindy say they plans to drive over 1,000 miles to California to be near their son.

“I have to be under the same sky as him, I just want to be under the same sky, under the same sun, breathing the same air. I just want him to know that we’re there,” Troy said.

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