Durant mother and son sentenced for robbery of Colorado woman

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 5:26 PM CDT
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DURANT, Oklahoma (KXII) - A Durant mother and son have been sentenced to several decades in prison in connection with the robbery of an elderly woman in Colorado.

Lori Majors, 45, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and aiding and abetting and money laundering back in December. She has been sentenced to 40 years in federal prison.

Max Majors, 21, pleaded guilty to kidnapping and aiding and abetting. He is sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

The United States District Attorney’s Office says in March 2018 the two, along with Justin Majors, Bryan Majors, Cheryl Ann Jordan and Ashleigh Stonebarger, planned to rob the 83-year-old victim and split the proceeds.

Prosecutors say in April, Max and Justin Majors entered the woman’s home through an unlocked dog door and found the woman asleep in her bed. They say the men told her they had her son tied up and would hurt him unless she told them where the money was.

Prosecutors say Max then moved the woman to the bathroom and confined her there while Justin took the money from the safe, using a pry bar he had brought for the robbery. Once they left the house, the two split the proceeds with Lori and Bryan Majors.

The US District Attorney’s Office says the robbery and extortion resulted in a loss of $500,500 to the victim.

A grand jury indicted Lori and Max Majors in February 2019 on federal kidnapping-related violations.

“The 20 and 40-year sentences in this case demonstrate how seriously federal law treats elder abuse,” said U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Cox. "Let this case serve as a warning, and hopefully a deterrent, to others who might seek to exploit or victimize our nation’s seniors.

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