Ardmore school board votes to hire online principal

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 11:20 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Oklahoma (KXII) - The Ardmore school board voted Tuesday evening to appoint a principal just for online learning.

The new position involves working together with current Ardmore principals, answering parent’s questions, and working with the technology department to make sure all kids are ready to learn.

Superintendent Kim Holland called the position essential, saying that Ardmore High School Assistant Principal Andy Davis had been doing the job for the past month.

“He’s more up to speed on some of the virtual curriculum,” Holland said."He’s trying to bridge the gap between the teacher and the home to make sure we give our kids the best education that we can."

Even though school is virtual, the district wants instruction to still be personal something Holland said the current program hasn’t achieved.

“We have just had to acknowledge the fact that taping a program or sending home worksheets has not been giving kids the education they need or that they deserve,” Holland said.

Holland said online learning, and the online principal position, are here to stay.

“I think the virtual program for all schools is going to grow,” Holland said. “I think we’re all gonna be doing more of this and I think we’ll do better and better at it.”

Parents will start to see differences next week.

“Their math class will be live, with the teacher conversing with kids,” Holland said. “Kids can log on at home and ask questions, ask for clarification, show their work and all those sorts of things.”

The board also approved an all-virtual elementary school with seven teachers.

“They’ll come to work just like everybody else but instead of having bodies in their classroom they’ll be teaching to bodies across Ardmore that are home on their computers,” Holland said.

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