Texas Lotto jackpot at highest in years, Texoma gas stations busy

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 6:55 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Texas Lotto officials say there was no winner in Saturday night’s drawing. That means there’s still a chance to be the lucky winner Wednesday night.

It’s quiet now, but gas station attendants say because the Texas lotto jackpot is at the highest it’s been in years, more Texomans are coming in for these.

“The past few days we’ve had a lot of people come in asking for lotto. It’s up to 41 million so a lot of people are rushing in to get those last tickets," said site director for Lonestar, Laken Staggs.

$41.25 million is the latest Texas lotto jackpot. The odds of winning? One in 25,827,165. Compare that to 1 in nearly 300 million for the Powerball.

“I would say it’s about every year I see a spike in lotto," said Staggs.

Staggs said they’ve had a higher influx of lotto ticket buyers in the past week.

“I would say about 500 more than we’re normally getting," said Staggs.

Something she hasn’t seen in a while.

“Powerball. Last time Powerball got up pretty high, close to 900 I think or something 900 million," said Staggs.

It’s the biggest jackpot in 10 years when the prize hit $97 million.

“Today I haven’t heard anything from anyone, but yes last night my employees told me that there was a lot of people coming in asking about it, how much it was," said Staggs.

“Well usually I work in the afternoons and they, most of the influx of people that come in to get the lottery tickets, they usually come in after like 5 after they get off work, we usually have a bunch of people that come in and get lottery tickets," said Shell attendant, Kainen Calloway.

Calloway says there are 10 to 15 people he considers lotto regulars, hoping to win big.

“We have a bunch of regulars that usually come in. They usually get either the scratch-offs or they get the actual lotto," said Calloway.

If no one wins Wednesday, the estimated jackpot is set to go up to $42.75 million for Saturday’s drawing.

The drawing for Wednesday night’s numbers will be after 10:00 p.m.

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