Denison peeping Tom caught on camera

Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 10:31 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - A Denison woman said she saw a stranger peeking into her bathroom window while she was taking a shower over the weekend.

Victoria Riddle and her family have lived in their home on Vanderburg drive for years.

She said their neighborhood no longer feels safe, after what happened in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“I stayed up cleaning pretty late. So, after everyone had already gone to bed, I went to take a shower,” Riddle said.

A mom of three, Riddle said she finally found a moment to herself before bed.

Minutes after getting in the shower, she recalls feeling like someone had been watching her.

“I saw a man in the window, and he instantly tried to hide behind the wall,” Riddle said.

Security camera footage shows the moment when a man she didn’t know: wearing a white T-shirt, with black letters on it, carrying a bike, making his way into their home carport, adjacent to the bathroom window.

Riddle said she immediately woke her husband, who she said grabbed a baseball bat and began searching the outside of the house.

“For the amount of time that he (peeping tom) was sitting there, I don’t know if he had his phone (and) took pictures," Riddle said. "I don’t know, It’s just a very uncomfortable situation.”

Denison police said they searched the neighborhood but could not find anyone matching the description.

“He wasn’t looking in our house to steal stuff, or to break in," Riddle said. “He went straight to the bathroom window while I was in there. He was looking to be a pervert, and it’s gross.

Riddle said she now fears for her children’s safety.

”He obviously knows where I live, where my kids live, and I don’t even know who it is. So I can’t prevent it from happening," Riddle said.

Denison police have not made any arrests.

Anyone with information or know who the suspect caught on video is, call the Denison police non-emergency line at 903-465-2422.

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