Denison teen injured in horse riding accident out of surgery, in a coma

Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 11:12 PM CDT
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Haley Wights left her aunt’s house Sunday morning to feed her horse and ride, like she’d been doing for years.

“We’ve been riding horses ever since we first met,” said Wights friend, Madison Clement. We would either ride horses or go to the lake together and just hang out and be with each other."

But Wights' hobby, had her fighting for her life.

“I called my sister, she was definitely beside herself she just said it was really, really bad,” said Wights' aunt Cynthia Shelton. “Haley was not okay.”

Wight, a senior at Denison High School, was bucked off the horse and the animal rolled on top of her crushing her skull.

The back-right part of her brain began to bleed and she suffered severe swelling on her left side frontal lobe.

She was taken into surgery around 2:45 pm Tuesday, Shelton said, and was put into a medically induced coma where doctors removed a piece of her skull to help reduce swelling in her brain. She was out of surgery around 7 pm Shelton said and her intracranial pressure went down from 16 to 11.

“I don’t understand we got from her doing something she loved to the point in fact that she may never wake up again,” Shelton said. “She had just babysat my kids for me Saturday evening.”

Doctors told Shelton it would be a minimum of six weeks before her niece might start responding.

“You don’t think your kid, or your niece or your family member is going to go do something they do every day, every other day and every weekend and something like this happen from it,” Shelton said. “She was not a risk taker; she was not going to do something foolish with a horse.”

Her childhood friend Caylee Conger says Wights stood up for her when they were kids.

“I went to her house one day and we were going to go to church but I had a Tourette’s attack but she told me it was okay and that I had nothing to be ashamed of,” Conger said.

Shelton started a GoFundMe with hopes of raising up to $20 thousand for Wight’s medical expenses.

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