Texoma firefighter returns home, daughter’s reaction goes viral

Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 10:36 PM CDT
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LAMAR COUNTY, Texas (KXII) - A North Texas firefighter returned home this weekend, after spending 25 days in California, battling the largest wildfire in State history.

After nearly a month long mission in California, Sunday September 20, McKinney firefighter and Lamar County Emergency Manager Quincy Blount returned home.

Blount’s 7-year-old daughter Adley, couldn’t be more excited.

“All that as going through my head was running, jumping into my daddy’s arms and hoping he would catch me.” Adley Blount said.

Blount has been a fire fighter for over thirty years, and said he’s fought many fires, including the Woolsy fire in California, two years ago.

He said he couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“It’s cliché to say it, I enjoy helping people- but I really do," Blount said. “I truly believe in that. If somebody needs help, we need to help them as much as possible.”

But after being home for barely a week, Blount might have to go back to California.

If he leaves this weekend, he would miss out on Adley’s 8th birthday.

”We talked about that, and if I do miss it (her birthday) we will celebrate when I get home. She understands, sometimes we have to make sacrifices," Blount said.

“Really hard- cause like he’s always been there for my birthday and I always like it." Adley Blount said. “Especially this year, it’s Halloween themed.”

If Blount does leave again, Adley said it’s okay, as long as he brings back a present.

”She likes rocks, she likes to collect them and paint them." Blount said.

Bringing back unique rocks has become a special tradition for the two, it’s something they said they both treasure.

”I’ll find a rock and put it in my pocket, and I’ll carry that rock the entire time that I’m out. As soon as I get back home and give her my cuddles and kisses and snuggles, she’ll ask me where that rock is." Blount said.

Adley said her rock collection is growing, she’s at 57 rocks.

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