Statistics show significantly higher failure rates for online learners versus in-person

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 5:32 PM CDT
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GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KXII) - Statistics from several Grayson County school districts reveal a significant gap in percentages of students at home failing classes versus those in-person.

Because of that, a few are now only giving students the option to attend in person.

Van Alstyne ISD reported 62 percent of virtual learners failing at least one class with 54 percent failing two or more.

Pottsboro ISD reported a 26 percent failure rate for virtual compared to five percent in person.

For Howe ISD, 65 percent are failing remotely, and on campus, it’s nine percent, with similar numbers at Whitesboro ISD and S&S Consolidated ISD.

“We just felt like it’d be better for them to get back in the classroom, have that interaction with the teachers, have that interaction with the students. They learn from each other," said Director of Student Services Lance Johnson.

Which is why S&S CISD is returning to in-person only on Monday.

Johnson expects grades to improve.

“Just being here. Having those expectations with the teacher being right there, you know, having those assignments due. Teacher asking questions about it, do you have it done, are you working on it," he said.

With many parents working, he says it can be hard for kids to set a schedule for themselves.

Plus, school provides social connection for students.

“It helps them throughout their life. Because when you interact with people at school, you learn how to interact with them outside of school. When you get a job someday you’re going to have to interact with people. And so the earlier you learn it, the better," Johnson said.

Denison ISD has been offering both options.

Asst. Superintendent David Kirkbride says 18 percent of students are learning remotely.

“That’s a significant percent of our students. And so to remove that option completely, we feel like is not in the best interest of Denison ISD and Denison community," Kirkbride said.

Kirkbride couldn’t provide us with the number of remote students failing.

He says parents need the choice, but says for distance learning to be effective, it has to be a team effort.

“But the school and the families are going to have to work together because we are very concerned about a lot of our students who are not being successful with that instructional model," Kirkbride said.

We also checked with Sherman ISD, and they said they haven’t yet calculated the failure rate for remote learners.

Whitesboro ISD went to in-person only last week and Howe ISD starts Monday.

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