Man pleads guilty to murdering ex-stepmother in Sherman

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 5:59 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - A central Texas man pled guilty to murder after he shot and killed his ex step-mom last year.

Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith said Clifton Drake drove to Sherman last September with the intention of killing his ex-stepmom.

Clifton led police on a chase that night after he returned to the scene of the crime, and all of it was caught on camera.

“He sat outside of her house for several hours, until about two in the morning when he finally forced entry into Ms. Drake’s house," Smith said.

Smith says Clifton Drake drove to Sherman from his home in Georgetown.

Smith said the investigation showed Clifton found out where his ex step-mom, Lorna, also known as Dale Drake lived through Google searches and talking with neighbors.

“They confronted each other in a hallway, Mr. Drake shot her twice once in the stomach, once in the thigh," Smith said.

Then Smith said Clifton fired about 18 rounds at her house and car and left.

Sherman police got Dale Drake out of the house and to an ambulance.

Dale ended up dying almost two months later from her injuries.

“In the meantime, the Sherman police department believes Mr. Drake might still be in the house so they called in the tactical swat team, they put robots inside the house," Smith said.

But evidence showsed he was not in the house. Clifton had driven to a gas station in Denison and shot the window out. Smith said he went inside and took two six-packs of Modelo beer.

“It’s believed that he consumed some of that alcohol and for reasons we still don’t understand, Mr. Drake then drove back to the crime scene on Anthony Drive," Smith said.

Police dashcam video shows Clifton driving through the street where it happened. Smith said he yelled expletives at officers the led them on a chase.

“Sherman officers pursued Mr. Drake it was a 29-mile chase throughout Sherman, went up highway 75, down 82 and back," Smith said.

Ultimately, Clifton pulled into the Grayson County Jail sally port.

Body camera footage shows officers ordering Clifton to drop his gun. Clifton refused, eventually shot with several bean bag rounds. He then got back in his car, leading officers on another chase. He was finally arrested on Highway 75.

Smith said Clifton pleaded guilty to murder and burglary in court Wednesday, and the judge accepted a plea agreement, recommending 52 years in prison.

He will be formally sentenced Oct. 29.

“The anticipated sentence the judge will render in this case, we’re pleased with because Mr. Drake won’t have a parole hearing until the year 2046, he will be 76-years-old when he makes his first parole hearing if he is released at that time,” Smith said.

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